Car accidents are quite common in the United States. While estimates for the number of car accidents in the recent past are down, the lifetime risk of dying from a motor vehicle accident is still about one in 114. As any car crash lawyer Newport Beach tells clients, cars can be dangerous when not operated properly. People need to be very careful when behind the wheels of any vehicle. This is true at all times of the day or night. An accident, as an injury attorney Newport Beach reminds people, happens to the person driving the car and the passengers.

A Street Crash

This was definitely the case in California. There were two car crashes. One happened in Costa Mesa and the other in Anaheim. They took place early in the morning of October 22nd. The first was a single-vehicle crash. As a result of the crash, a spectator died. In addition, a passenger in the car has been left in an unknown condition. Family members have told the press the name of the victim who died was a twenty-three year old resident of Los Angeles. Sergio Marroquian is described by those who knew him as a good guy who was fun to be around. He was apparently present as the driver of the car that crashed engaged in a stunt known as donuts.

Working With Lawyers

Given the dangers posed by this behavior, the driver of the car has been taken into custody. Relatives of the victim are working closely with a car crash lawyer. A Newport Beach car accident lawyer can offer them all kinds of useful services. The consequences of a car accident can be serious for all concerned. Auto accident lawyers Newport Beach can help everyone sort out what happened, when it happened and how it happened. In this crash, there were many people in the area who were in danger when this accident occurred. Under these circumstances, a victim’s family can work carefully with law enforcement officials and a Newport Beach car accident lawyer to help ensure all information is gathered at the scene correctly.

The Aftermath

The aftermath of this accident illustrates how it is so necessary to have contact with a personal injury attorney Newport Beach as soon as possible. Our auto accident lawyers can act as their representatives during a difficult time. A car crash typically takes place in seconds or less. And yet the aftermath of the crash can be brutal. Occupants may be left with life long impairments. The same is true of any pedestrians who happened to be present at the scene. It can be hard to determine how to respond in the face of an issue like this. People are scared and unsure of their legal rights. Working with a legal expert can help determine the right course of action.