Getting around in a big city can be frustrating, to say the least. When you’re on a motorcycle, you can enjoy the benefit of lane-sharing to get to your destination faster. However, there are five major things you’ll want to know about lane-sharing before using it as a regular practice.

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings
Being on a motorcycle makes you a smaller object to spot than typical vehicles. You may find that vehicles may try to switch lanes without regard for you being there. Any Newport Beach motorcycle injury lawyer can attest to the fact that this is a frequent problem. It’s best to keep an eye on the lanes beside you for any small indications that the cars are going to change lanes so you can quickly react. Keep an eye on your rearview to be alerted of the things going on behind you and consider what’s going on in front of you too.

Ride Just Faster Than Other Cars
When you’re on a motorcycle, you want to do any practice that puts you in control. By driving your bike just slightly faster than the cars around you, you’ll have more control when you need to react to any sudden problems. Issues like last-minute lane changes or failure to brake quickly can be addressed better when you’re in front of the vehicles that aren’t operating safely. If you need assistance because of an accident you’ve been involved in, you can get legal help for motorcycle accidents there.

Cover Your Brakes
Just as it’s recommended to hover your brakes in a car, you should be doing so on your motorcycle. This holds especially true in heavy traffic. While you may not think that it’s a big deal to hit the brakes, it takes time. Anyone injured in a motorcycle crash will tell you that even a quarter of a second makes a big difference in your stopping distance. It’s estimated that traveling at a speed of 60 mph, that quarter of a second to hit the brakes will happen over 22 feet. Any Newport Beach motorcycle injury lawyer knows that a quarter of a second could be the difference between life or death.

Be Mindful Of Sharing Partners
For many, lane sharing is a new concept, as most all states don’t particularly allow the practice. You need to be mindful of these people and ensure that they are comfortable sharing the lane. It would help if you were giving them as much room as possible, so there is a buffer between the two of you. Your motorcycle accident attorney Newport Beach can tell you that unfriendly lane-sharing can be a culprit of motorcycle accidents.

Drive Defensively
Your personal injury attorney Newport Beach will inform you that driving defensively is the key to safety on the roadway. You’ll want to drive as if someone is going to cut you off or slam on the brakes at the last minute. Defensive driving will allow you to take the necessary precautions to avoid an unwanted collision, according to any good injury attorney Newport Beach.

Any motorcycle accident attorney Newport Beach will reveal that lane-sharing is a legal practice in the state of California. Understanding how to properly navigate yourself while on the roadway can make a big difference in your safety. By following the five tips above and seeking legal help for motorcycle accidents, you’ll be better prepared to deal with potential lane-sharing hazards in the future. If you’ve been recently injured in a motorcycle crash, it’s best to contact an experienced lawyer today to handle your case.