With the weather warmer and more pleasant, it’s a great time to hit the road on your motorcycle. However, there are always rainy days here and there, which means there’s a chance you’ll be riding during a downpour. If you get into a wreck, you’ll want to retain the best personal injury attorney Newport Beach has to offer. Here are five tips on how to ride your motorcycle in the rain so you can stay safe and avoid being injured in a motorcycle crash.

Check Your Tires
A motorcycle should always have the right tires for potentially rainy weather. When it rains, the road is slicker, which means you need good traction. When you have the right tires, you can have better control over your bike while riding in the rain. If you have the most basic tires, now is the time to get new ones to handle wet, slippery roads. It can prevent the need for having to contact a Newport Beach motorcycle injury lawyer.

Avoid Riding Immediately After Rain
It’s best to avoid riding your motorcycle immediately after it rains. If you have to ride while it’s coming down, avoid doing so at the beginning of the downpour. The roads are slicker with oil, brake fluid, dirt and grime before the rain. As a result, once it starts to storm, the road is even more slippery. Give the weather a while to wash away the grime before you start on your journey.

Be Wary of Road Hazards
One of the biggest reasons why you might need to consult with a top motorcycle accident attorney Newport Beach based is that you’ve had an accident due to a road hazard. On a motorcycle, this is particularly dangerous. Be wary of hazards such as manhole covers, road construction, railroad tracks and other things that could cause an accident. You should also steer clear of puddles as you never know how deep they run. Always keep your strongest focus on the road while on your motorcycle so you can see potential obstructions that may suddenly appear in your field of vision.

Brake and Accelerate Slowly
When you’re on a motorcycle, you’re more vulnerable than when you’re in a car. This is heightened when it’s raining, so it’s important to be careful while braking and accelerating. You should only do both slowly to avoid skidding out on slick roads. Braking and accelerating slowly can ensure that you’re able to effectively stop or slow down when it’s required. It gives you better control over your motorcycle.

Use Rain Motorcycle Apparel
It’s a good idea to invest in good quality motorcycle apparel specifically for use in the rain. You can get a jacket, pants, gloves and boots that are waterproof and made of excellent quality to ensure that you are warm, dry and comfortable in rainy weather. Most of the garments also have reflective material on it so drivers of other vehicles are able to clearly see you in dark, rainy weather.

If you are in California and need legal help for motorcycle accidents, you need to get in touch with a personal injury attorney Newport Beach based. Being injured in a motorcycle crash means you don’t want to go it alone in your case. A motorcycle accident attorney Newport Beach based can help you prepare your personal injury claim. A Newport Beach motorcycle injury lawyer can fight for your rights and ensure that you get the compensation you deserve for your damages. Reach out to an attorney for legal help for motorcycle accidents at your earliest convenience.