As a leader you must be constantly Learning, Evolving, and Adapting or your career and Company may die.

We live in a world where technology and knowledge is readily available at the drop of a dime. There is always the newest software, or a new operating system, or some sort of upgrade available almost as soon as you finished upgrading the last time.

I can’t explain how many times I have changed our firm’s client management software, emailing system, and our phone service company. Every time you make a change in your company it is scary, it will frustrate a majority of your employees, and it takes time to adapt.

If you are the leader it is YOUR DUTY to be constantly evolving, learning, and adapting to the changes in your world. If there is a better way to do things, then it is your job to find out how. If there is a company that can help you better execute a piece of your system, then you need to go find that company. If there is a book that can help double your profits, then it is your obligation to read it and teach those who work with you.

If you are afraid of change, then your competition will BLOW right past you! With technological improvements, you take One step back to adapt, and then 10 steps forward with the evolution.

It is also so vital that you hire the right people in the right places if you don’t have the strength or knowledge to adapt in the proper ways. Some people’s brains work big picture and others work meticulously. Use everyones strength appropriately. As a leader, it is your job to get everyone on your team to row your boat in the SAME direction, and at the SAME speed. Otherwise your boat is simply going to spin in circles with no direction

A note on the corona virus: With the coronavirus, many businesses and practices will die because they CANNOT survive the quarantine. All of the companies that sit around and wait will DIE. As a leader you must find a way to PIVOT and change so that you can survive. It is important that when this is all over that you are off and running, and not looking for your running shoes!

Side not: If you can’t figure out how to lead, please remember that there is a 99% chance that someone out there has ALREADY done and accomplished what you are trying to accomplish with great success. Books and podcasts are in ABUNDANCE! Find who the top three people in your focus are and LEARN FROM THEM! Most leaders have books or training modules which can help you achieve your goals! Learn from them and avoid the mistakes you would have to make by trial an error!

An example of how I have had to leave and pivot during this time is my Law Firm does primarily personal injury matters, but no one is driving during the quarantine and business has slowed down DRAMATICALLY.

Instead of wallowing in my sorrow I am taking massive action to change things! I also have knowledge in employment law and we are pivoting into handling more employment law matters because MILLIONS are losing their jobs daily and I feel a strong need to help those who are suffering and in pain! We are not waiting around for quarantine to end, we are making changes and taking steps to keep growing.

Sometimes the greatest struggles can spark and ignite a thought. Many times the greatest ideas from times of depressed or out of necessity. Take some time to think of problems you can solve and start making solutions for future!

I am looking to the future and the effects of COVID-19 on the world. Unemployment rate in the US will go from 4% to over 20% once this mess is over. This means there will potentially be millions of employment law matters that employees and employers will need help navigating. It is your job to adapt in these troublesome times or you will get left being! Bottom line.

Stay safe out there and share one way you as a leader are pivoting and making changes to adapt to this new world.