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nullFor workers employed in jobs where commissions are a large part of their income, it is vital that employers live up to their end of the bargain and pay them accordingly. However, this does not always happen, resulting in disputes that can involve thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, these disputes happen more than many people think, leading hard-working salespeople and others to often wind up getting far less pay than they expected. Rather than let this happen to you, take the initiative and speak to an employment attorney Newport Beach knows understands these cases and comes away with a win time after time.

When do Commission Disputes Occur?

While a commission dispute can occur under many types of situations, some are more common than others. For many employees, commission disputes arise when they have been laid-off, terminated, or resigned from their job. Since each of these circumstances can have many different factors at work simultaneously, the cases can become very complex. If you try to handle it on your own, chances are your employer will refuse to budge. To get the results you seek, you will require the expertise of an unpaid commissions lawyer Newport Beach employees trust can hold employers accountable for their actions.

How Commission Disputes Happen

Along with an employee being fired, terminated, or resigning from their job, there are other ways in which commission disputes occur. One of the most common is when an employee leaves their job after making a sale but before the customer has paid for the purchase. In other situations, questions may arise as to whether or not the employee was the one who actually originated the sale. Finally, if an employer decides to change the commission structure along the way, disputes may originate as well. When these or other situations come about and lead to disagreements about commissions, the best thing you can do is hire a Newport Beach commission dispute attorney to handle discussions with your employer.

Getting Paid After Termination

While it can be hard enough to get paid when you have been laid-off or resigned from your job, it can be even more difficult to get paid your commissions if you have been terminated from your position. When it comes to commission disputes at work, this can be one of the toughest areas in which to reach an agreement. Since there will be hard feelings on both sides, neither party may initially be willing to compromise or make the first move. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that even if you were terminated, your employer is still legally required to pay you for any commissions earned prior to your dismissal. If your employer is playing hardball with you, show them you mean business by consulting with a sales commission lawyer Newport Beach clients know will do everything possible to win their case.

What are Employers Required to Pay?

No matter the circumstances surrounding your job departure, your employer is expected by law to pay you not only your commissions, but also any hourly wages, vacation pay, or other similar compensation to which you are entitled. Since there are no circumstances whatsoever that allow an employer to withhold your pay after you have left your job, do not sit back and allow your employer to not pay you the compensation that you earned as a dedicated employee. Instead, discuss your legal options by meeting with an employment attorney Newport Beach residents know wins such cases on a regular basis.

Creating Financial Hardship

Whether you are a real estate agent, car salesperson, or in another occupation where you rely on sales commissions as a large part of your earnings, having your commissions withheld by your employer can create a financial hardship for you and your family. Since these commissions are supposed to be paid by an employer at designated times during the course of the year, employees come to expect certain amounts of income at certain times each month. If you have an employer who is making your life miserable financially for this very reason, do not simply say nothing and allow your financial life to be ruined. Instead, work closely with an unpaid commissions lawyer Newport Beach knows will not stop until the case is resolved in your favor.

Taking Legal Action

While you will of course be hesitant to take legal action against your employer, especially if it is an employer for whom you have worked many years, it is nevertheless crucial you do what it takes to be paid the money you are owed. While it will be easy to let your emotions take control of the situation, it is best if you do not let this happen. Therefore, always try to remain calm when speaking to your employer about the situation, and also do not let yourself go on social media and begin a negative campaign against your employer. Should you do so, you simply come off looking like a disgruntled employee who has an ax to grind, which rarely results in success. If you are considering the possibility of legal action to get the unpaid commissions you believe are due you, discuss the specific details of your case with an experienced Newport Beach commission dispute attorney.

Prepare for a Fight

Once you take a stand against your employer in these situations, be prepared for a fight. Even if you had been on good terms with your employer for many years, they may suddenly decide to portray you as an employee who performed at below-average levels, could not get along with others, and regularly tried to claim commissions to which you were not entitled. Rather than be surprised and let your employer gain the upper hand in the legal fight over your commissions, choose instead to consult with a sales commission lawyer Newport Beach employers know always fight hard for the rights of employees. By scheduling your consultation today, you can put your employer on notice that you ultimately expect to be paid for all your hard work.