4 Deadliest Construction Accidents

Know the Risks on a Construction Site

California Construction accidents Any personal injury attorney can tell you that an accident can occur anywhere, but the construction industry is the most dangerous job industry Californians can go into.

In 2019, over 1,000 construction workers died on the job due to a construction accident. This number may not seem high, but the construction industry is very dangerous for workers; in fact, one in five deaths on the job are in the construction industry. Accident rates in construction are 71% higher than all other job industries.

Most Common Kinds of Construction Accidents

Being surrounded by heavy machinery and working at great heights in the air can be dangerous. There are four kinds of accidents that stick out to construction site injury attorneys in Newport Beach as most notable because they cause the most deaths.

Falls, electrocutions, getting stuck by an object, and getting caught in and between machinery account for more than 60% of construction accident deaths. OSHA identifies these accidents as the “Fatal Four,” and they include:

  • Falls (39% of worksite deaths)
  • Struck by an object (8% of worksite deaths)
  • Electrocutions (7% of worksite deaths)
  • Caught in between machinery (5% of worksite deaths)

If you survive one of these kinds of accidents, you’ll likely be severely injured, resulting in multiple medical treatments and time off work.

Not only can Newport Beach construction accident injuries be expensive, but the time you take off work also keeps you from getting paid. You can file for workers’ compensation, but companies also give a lot of pushback in these situations. You’ll need an experienced accident injury lawyer in Newport Beach to ensure that all your pain and suffering from your construction accident is compensated.

If you’ve suffered one of the four aforementioned construction accidents, make sure to contact a bodily injury lawyer in Newport Beach to minimize your accident’s effect on you and your family.


Falling accidents at construction sites in Newport Beach often happen when work conditions are cluttered, unstable, unprotected, or unsafe. In the construction industry, federal and state regulators provide specific mandates on preventing employees from falling. However, OSHA found that 90 percent of fatal falling accidents happened due to safety violations. Construction sites should make every effort to keep floors from getting slippery, provide safety rails in elevated areas, and give workers proper training and equipment to avoid risky situations.

Because falls account for 33% of all construction accident deaths, eliminating falls on the job could save over 300 lives every year. Many are confident in their balance and reflexes, so understanding the prevalence of falling accidents can help prevent them.

Struck by an Object

Since many construction sites involve workers being suspended in the air, working along heavily trafficked highways, and installation and operating of heavy machinery. Construction workers are at risk of getting hit by cars, trucks, and cranes.

Objects can also fall from atop scaffolding or overhead landings. Newly installed jacks, wiring, and other supportive equipment can also falter, causing employees to get hit by the falling object that is no longer supported.  Construction site managers should be performing routine checks on jacks and equipment to ensure the equipment can handle the amount of weight and force that they need to manage.

Especially when a crane is lifting or moving an object, employees should never stand directly beneath it. Communication is key in avoiding construction accidents, so you should always over communicate with equipment operators if you are moving through their workspace.

Falling objects are another hazard that can be reduced by following wardrobe protocol. Safety glasses, hard hats, face shields, and heavy-duty worker’s gloves can protect you from debris.

Caught In or Between Machinery

Being surrounded by heavy machinery is dangerous, workers can be caught in or in between large objects, which is referred to in the industry as “trenching.” Whether the construction worker is “caught-in” or “caught-between,” they can die because of the deprivation of oxygen (suffocation), exposure to harmful chemicals, as well as being squeezed, crushed, or compressed by moving objects, wires, or rope.

You should take basic wardrobe precautions to best protect yourself from trenching. Not only will basic precautions help protect you, the fact you tried to insulate yourself from an accident will improve your Newport Beach injury attorney’s case for compensation.

Your employer should provide you with proper personal protective equipment, and they will likely have a detailed dress code to keep employees safe. You should always take the time to tie your hair back in a braid, bun, or tuck it under a hat so that it’s less likely to get entangled in another object. Loose-fitting clothes can also get caught in machinery, so you should try to tuck in your coat tails and secure the bottom hem of your pants.


While electricians are well aware of the power that an electric shock has, many construction workers may be ignorant of the danger. Roofers, foremen, A/C technicians, and carpenters must also come into contact with electrical systems. Sadly, many contractors who suffer severe or fatal electrocutions fall under the latter category and weren’t trained electricians. 

More than half of workplace electrocutions are the result of an employee directly touching a power source and getting electrocuted, and the other injuries were due to touching live wires and live electrical equipment. Non-electrical workers should be wary of overhead or underground power lines. They should also pay attention to the proper use of extension cords since they hold a lot of electrical power.

Other Kinds of Injuries

The Fatal Four are not the only injuries that can severely main, if not kill, workers. Other common injuries Newport Beach construction site accident lawyers see include: 

  • Broken bones 
  • Heatstroke 
  • Lacerations from sharp objects
  • Amputations from sharp objects
  • Injuries from repetitive motions

It should also be noted that some severe injuries are silent killers. Works often suffer from respiratory issues due to the repeated inhalation of dust or chemicals. Regardless of how you suffered your injury, you should contact the construction site injury attorneys in Newport Beach at Accident Lawyers Firm. 

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