Construction injury lawyer in Long Beach, California

Were You Injured on a Construction Job?

The construction industry was actually labeled as one of the most dangerous since workers are exposed to dangerous chemicals, live wires, sharp tools, and heavy machinery. Even more, they often do this work at great heights on scaffolding and the sides of skyscrapers.

Construction workers who are injured on the job are often met with a medical bill of over $40,000, and those workers who are so injured they die from their injuries often leave their families with $100,000 worth of expenses. Because of these hefty bills, construction accident lawyers in Long Beach often have to file claims for compensation. In even more serious cases, workers’ families have to file for compensation through wrongful death lawsuits.

When your bills are expensive, you can file a claim for compensation. Workers are often discouraged from filing for workers’ compensation by their employers, but the injuries wouldn’t have happened had they not been at work. In some cases where the construction worker is hired as a contractor, they won’t get workers’ compensation.

If you were injured in a worksite accident, make sure to contact a bodily injury lawyer in Long Beach to make sure your injuries don’t drain your bank account. If you can’t get workers’ compensation, your lawyer can find someone else to hold liable for your injuries.

For example, a homeowner who hires a construction worker as an independent contractor to work on their kitchen will be liable for any injuries that happen on their property. If the worker slips and falls on a poorly maintained staircase without a safety railing, then the property owner must pay for their damages. Similar to a premises liability claim, your attorney will argue that the property owner was negligent for not providing a safe work environment.

Other worksite injuries can be due to faulty construction equipment. If a malfunction buzzsaw or poorly insulated wire caused you harm, your attorney can file a product liability claim where the manufacturer of the faulty product will have to pay for your medical bills.

A law firm for personal injury claims will have the resources to build a strong case for you. They will look over your case and examine the events leading up to the accident in order to prove that you are not liable for your injuries.

An attorney will also take the time to examine your workplace culture for negligence in safety equipment and training. OSHA finds that in the vast majority of construction accidents, safety guidelines were not followed, and this can apply to your situation. If the court finds that your employer was grossly negligent and completely disregarded employee safety, they may have to pay additional damages.

Accident injury attorneys can quantify all of your damages from your medical costs to your lost wages from the time you’ve had to recover from your injuries instead of going to work. This is helpful because it takes stress off of you.

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