Exposure of COVID-19 in the Workplace (Personal Injury Claim)


COVID-19 Personal Injury Claims Are Valid

The health and environmental repercussions of COVID-19 are now widely known, although this became true later than most would have preferred. Once dangers became common knowledge, some workplaces failed to adapt or were slow to make changes to protect their employees.

Society must take seriously the risks to employees who encounter infected patients, the general public and asymptomatic carriers. If you or a loved one has suffered consequences from workplace COVID-19 negligence in California, a Newport Beach workplace lawyer can help you file personal injury claims for your pain and suffering.

For most patients stricken with infectious diseases, the sources of exposure and contraction are hard to track down. Therefore, identifying a defendant and proving their negligence can be impossible.

However, some workplaces have higher COVID-19 risks or more direct contact opportunities than others. These conditions allow plaintiffs to pinpoint their workplace as the likely source of their COVID-19 infection. In these cases, employer negligence and wrongdoing are valid grounds for a Newport Beach workplace lawyer to represent personal injury claims.

Common Workplace COVID-19 Negligence

An employment attorney Newport Beach workers can trust stays abreast of the latest labor laws, including evolving COVID-19 statutes and best practices. As businesses and operations struggle to cope, employers may lose sight of the latest developments. Stressed to hold on to their jobs, many employees work through dangerous hazards. These include:

  • Essential businesses stay open and do keep paying their employees, but they do not implement proper measures according to the CDC’s Interim Guide for Businesses and Employees.
  • Shortages of protective gear, or unclear training on its usage, leave workers unprotected against infection.
  • Employers are aware of COVID-19 cases among staff or clientele but fail to alert employees so they can make informed decisions. This is a violation of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s duty to maintain a safe workplace.
  • Increased workloads and hours necessary to handle the pandemic’s outcomes lower employees’ immunity, increasing susceptibility to COVID-19 or severity of their cases.

High-Risk Workplaces Owe Employees Safety

All employers must have firm prevention measures in place if they expect workers to continue to contribute to their bottom lines and serve their clienteles. While the virus has permeated all areas of society and become unpredictable in its reach, some workplaces have higher risks than others.

Medical and Care Workplaces

Of course hospitals, healthcare facilities and testing centers are frontlines of workplace exposure. These workplaces are responsible for treating, diagnosing and identifying COVID-19 cases. They place workers in precarious positions to face countless sick people, often without clarity on their virus status.

Nursing homes, assisted living facilities and psychiatric care residencies are prime spaces for accidental transmissions. Pre-existing and chronic medical conditions plague most residents, so COVID-19 symptoms may go unnoticed or misinterpreted. Food service, administrative and janitorial workers may not have care duties but can still be exposed to the virus.

Other High-Risk Workplaces

Many other workplaces confine employees to high-risk working conditions. Cruise ship lines became responsible for separating healthy passengers and crew members from sick ones, or to quarantine all souls on board together. Funeral homes, churches and casinos gathered large crowds where employees were not always informed about or protected from COVID-19 threats.

Public-facing jobs such as takeout restaurants, grocery stores and more open employees up to accidental exposures to the virus. Public servant positions in transit, security and police departments make high public contact unavoidable for workers. A Newport Beach labor attorney for employees can help you determine if your workplace erred or failed to adequately protect you.

Handling Two Cases Alone Will Be Stressful and Ineffective

A case of COVID-19 is frightening and painful. Your symptoms can include high fever, shortness of breath and even difficulty breathing. Even when you come out with your life, consequences can be devastating.

  • Extreme cases require extended hospitalization to recover. Even milder cases initiate traumatic pain and anxiety levels.
  • Mandatory quarantine may cost your livelihood or job, weeks of work or abilities to run a side business you need to make ends meet.
  • You may have picked up the virus through work and passed it on to members of your household, elderly people or vulnerable loved ones. If they fail to recover, your guilt will complicate the grief process and could lead to serious mental health issues.

A COVID-19 recovery is a battle. Returning to optimal health and making up for lost time will overwhelm the strongest people. If you feel your workplace was negligent and you have a personal injury case against them, you may burn out if you try to handle things on your own.

A Personal Injury Attorney Helps Build Your Case

A knowledgeable, experienced Newport Beach workplace lawyer is your answer to continuing to recover from COVID-19 while holding your workplace accountable for the infection. They can guide you past worry for yourself, and even for loved ones you may have infected. You can relax as they pursue your personal injury compensations for:

  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical bills, prescriptions and transportation

A Newport Beach labor attorney for employees can investigate your workplace for appropriate COVID-19 protections, measures and precautions. They keep you on track to file claims within statutes of limitations. They become part of your support network when you may be isolated.

Mindful Attorneys Work With You From a Distance

Any professional, experienced Newport Beach labor attorney for employees will respect mandates of the times. Working together by phone calls and videoconferencing keeps your health and well-being the top priorities. This also guarantees your attorneys stay well and available to coordinate your case.

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