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Employment Attorneys Can Help With Your Case

Newport Beach Employment law attorney When you go to work each day, you are of course relying on the paycheck you receive to keep you and your family going from week to week. While many people work for excellent employers, others find themselves at the mercy of employers who don’t look out for their employee’s best interest. This usually includes failing to pay employees fairly for their work, forcing them to work through what are supposed to be paid breaks, and even engaging in various types of harassment and discrimination. If you find yourself facing what you view as an unwinnable David vs. Goliath battle with your employer to protect your legal rights, turn to an experienced and knowledgeable Newport Beach workplace lawyer who can and will protect your rights each step of the way.

Wrongful Termination
If you are an employee in California, you will be glad to know the state is a strong proponent of employee rights, even for those employees who work in “at-will” situations. In many instances, employees need the services of an employment attorney Newport Beach residents trust to assist them when they have been wrongfully terminated from their job. In many situations, wrongful termination takes place when an employee files a whistleblower complaint against their employer, engages in political activities outside of work that are deemed inappropriate by their employer, or when they fail to carry out illegal actions ordered of them by their employer. In any case, you should never allow an employer to derail your career and place you and your family in dire financial straits. If you have been wrongfully terminated due to these or other reasons, contact a Newport Beach labor attorney for employees to discuss your termination in greater detail.

Wage and Hour Disputes
According to California employment law, minimum standards do exist for such things as minimum pay for employees, required employee breaks, and properly paying employees for their regular work hours as well as overtime. Unfortunately, many employers choose to overlook these requirements and instead cheat employees out of money that is deserved. Since all employers in California must adhere to wage and hour laws, minimum wage laws, and employee classification laws, it is imperative these violations not be overlooked and allowed to continue. Due to many employers forcing employees to work “off the clock” or classifying them as independent contractors in order to pay them less and offer few if any benefits, legal action is often needed to stop these illegal practices. If you are being forced to work “off the clock” or are being denied the wages you have earned, contact a Newport Beach labor attorney for employees at once.

Workplace Harassment
When employees go to work day after day, they should be treated with respect and dignity. However, this is not the case in all businesses. Unfortunately, many employees, both male and female, find themselves subjected to various types of workplace harassment while on the job. Whether the harassment focuses on a person’s disability, age, sexual orientation, race, religion, or other factors, behavior on this level should not be tolerated under any circumstances. While some employees may feel they have few options in these situations, the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) does in fact provide protections for employees regarding harassment in the workplace. If you are experiencing harassment of any type on the job, work closely with an employment attorney Newport Beach clients trust with such sensitive matters.

Workplace Discrimination
Just as it is with workplace harassment, discrimination in the workplace is a common problem in many companies. From the smallest of businesses to major corporations, employees often find themselves discriminated against due to their race, religion, sexual orientation, age, or even if they happen to be pregnant. Fortunately, discrimination is also prohibited by FEHA, and should always be pursued by employees when it takes place. In many cases, discrimination in the workplace results in well-qualified employees not being given promotions, pay raises, or other opportunities to further their careers. As a result, they are left to see their careers stagnate within their current company or seek employment elsewhere. Rather than let this happen to you and your career for which you have worked so hard over the years, consult with a Newport Beach workplace lawyer to learn what rights you have in these difficult situations.

Family and Medical Leave
Whether you are pregnant or perhaps have a family member who is sick and needs you at home to help them recover, many employees rely on various types of family and medical leave to navigate these tough situations while still maintaining employment. However, many employers ignore state and federal laws and either fire employees who need time off or perhaps make them use vacation time in these situations. If you have faced these circumstances in the quest to keep your job, there are many laws on your side. The most common and important ones include the California Family Rights Act, New Parent Leave Act, Family and Medical Leave Act, and Pregnancy Disability Leave. Since the law is on your side, never allow your employer to get by with their illegal activities. Instead, let a knowledgeable Newport Beach labor attorney for employees put their expertise to work for you. In doing so, your employer will be held accountable for their actions.

Don’t Let Your Career be Ruined
Whether you are being discriminated against, failing to be paid overtime for your hard work, or even being denied leave time to care for a sick relative or newborn baby, never let the actions of your unscrupulous employer ruin your career and place you and your family in financial hardship. Instead, turn to a Newport Beach workplace lawyer to guide you through this complex process and help you come out on the winning side of your case. Once you do, you will not only help yourself, but also countless other employees who may be facing such difficult situations and choices in the future concerning their careers and their families.