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nullDespite the many strides that have been taking toward gender equality, gender discrimination at work continues to be a pervasive problem. While women have been able to achieve impressive feats when it comes to the workplace, they are often held back because of their gender. Men are often discriminated against in female dominated fields. Tackling this issue and getting justice for those who are affected is the primary way to combat gender discrimination.

What Exactly is Gender Discrimination?

Gender discrimination is treating people differently based solely on their gender. This can mean denying a woman a job, forcing a man to meet a higher standard than a woman for certain positions or making decisions on promotions based on gender. It can mean assigning better hours to men in sales roles, ensuring they receive higher compensation. It can mean placing someone in a less favorable work condition based solely on their gender. In some cases, it can mean subjecting someone to unwelcome sexual advances, jokes or remarks. Finally, gender discrimination can come in the form of only hiring people of one gender for more stereotypical roles (i.e., only hiring women for secretarial positions). Gender discrimination can account for differences in rates of pay, work location, work conditions, opportunities for advancement and hiring and firing decisions.

Issues Specific to Female Workers

Although gender discrimination can happen to both men and women, there are certain issues that are unique to women. Some employers terminate women for becoming pregnant, planning to become pregnant or for being married. Employers have been known to ask illegal questions in interviews in order to make a determination about whether to hire a female employee.

These illegal questions include, but are not limited to:

  • Are you married, single or divorced?
  • Are you pregnant now?
  • How many children do you have?
  • How old are you?
  • Are you planning to have children or more children?
  • Are you taking birth control measures?
  • What does your husband do for a living?
  • Does your husband agree with you working?
  • Do you prefer to be called Ms. or Mrs.?

While some of these questions are completely outrageous, others seem innocent enough. These questions are designed to gather more information that the employer will use as a basis for hiring. An employer who thinks that you have plans to have more children may decline to hire you. This is illegal and can be used to deny you a job. If you have been asked these illegal questions, you may need to contact a gender discrimination lawyer for the workplace.

Workplace Gender Discrimination Examples


  • You are a woman who is adept in sales and have a stellar work record in your past positions. You apply at a car dealership but are turned down because most people would not be comfortable buying a car from a woman.
  • You are a man who has extensive experience in childcare. You apply to work at a daycare center but are rejected because there are no other men caring for children at this workplace.

The company makes a decision to reduce the workforce, but only lets go of female employees while all of the male employees—regardless of seniority—are retained.
You have a stellar record of work at your job, but are continually passed over for promotions in favor of people of the opposite gender, many of whom do not share your accomplishments

Gender discrimination can be hard to prove. There has to be concrete evidence that the employer’s actions were based solely on your gender. If you suspect you have been the victim of workplace discrimination, you need a sex discrimination attorney Newport Beach who is experienced in these matters.

We are the premier Newport Beach gender discrimination lawyers and we will aggressively fight your case. Gender discrimination is wrong, and you may have a strong case. Call us today for a free consultation.