Parking Lots and Premise Liability

Who Pays if You Get Hurt in a Parking Lot?

When you slip and fall in a commercial parking lot, you are probably unsure of how you’re supposed to get compensation for your medical bills. This isn’t a traditional pedestrian accident where you sue the driver who hit you. A parking lot accident is a lot more like a premises liability claim as opposed to a traffic accident claim.

Parking lot injury lawsuits are usually related to the following:

  • Accumulation of ice or snow
  • Presence of an out-of-place object
  • Unsafe pavement conditions
  • An assault or attack

As someone who is in a parking lot, you are considered an invitee. In premises liability law, an invitee is deserving of the highest degree of protection and care. As a customer who is going to spend money in the shops around the parking lot, you are supposed to be kept safe.

You are probably unsure of who you should hold accountable. Who’s liable in a parking lot injury? Are store owners liable for parking lot injuries? Or is there some other party who is responsible for keeping the parking lot safe for visitors?

Knowing who is the subject of your Newport Beach slip and fall lawyer’s lawsuit is the first step.

Liability in Parking Lot Injuries

In injury lawsuits regarding store or mall parking lots, you can usually find out who the owner is by contacting the management or leasing company. The parking lot owner is ultimately responsible for any accidents that occur as a result of dangerous conditions. However, they may also have a contract with others, such as a management company, and the agreement may specify that the management company assumes responsibility for maintenance and injury claims.

If your Newport Beach lawyer for premises liability claim finds that there was a contract between the owner and a management company, then you can file your lawsuit against both parties, and they can sort out the liability between themselves.

It’s normal to have a hard time finding the owner of the parking lot, as commercial real estate projects often have multiple businesses involved. If you can’t find the owner of the parking lot, try checking public property records.

Your accident injury attorney in Newport Beach can help you find who should be held liable. Don’t hesitate to pass this workload to your attorney, especially if your injuries are severe. We are here to help you heal, so don’t stress yourself out with building your case. Our personal injury attorneys for slip and fall cases are experts in establishing liability and developing a strategy to get you the maximum settlement.

Are Parking Lot Owners Liable for Property Damage?

It’s not uncommon for shoppers to walk out and see that their car is not in the same state in which they left it. If someone broke into your car while you were inside a store or restaurant, then you may have grounds for a property damage claim. The answer lies in whether or not you parked the car yourself.

If you parked your car yourself, then you cannot get compensation for any theft or damage to your car. However, if the parking lot or parking garage had valet service, then you are technically loaning out your car to the valet. If your car was stolen, broken into, or vandalized while in possession of the valet service, then they should be held liable for what happened.

If you were driving in a parking lot and hit your bumper on a pole, you may feel like the property manager of the parking lot was negligent in the placement of the pole. Many parking guards are only a few feet high, obscuring their visibility to drivers. If you want to sue a parking lot for hitting your car on a poorly placed pole, it will be an uphill battle, but you may be able to get them to pay for the repairs to the body of your car.

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If a property owner fails to inspect, examine, and ensure that their property is in reasonably stable condition, then he or she can be held responsible for any injuries caused on the premises. Keep in mind that the property must be in reasonable condition. The victim must also practice their own duty of care and their own negligence should not be the root cause of the accident if they expect to be compensated and represented by an attorney.

Additionally, there are three categories of people who enter a premises, which are invitees, licensees, and trespassers. An invitee is someone who has entered the premises by invitation, such as a friend, neighbor, or relative. As an invitee, the property owner owes a duty of care to him or her. Therefore, the premises must be reasonably safe for the invitee to enter. A licensee is someone who asked permission to enter the premises, such as a salesperson. The property owner owes a certain amount of duty of care to the licensee if the property owner granted him or her access. Lastly, a trespasser is someone who illegally enters the premises and remains on the land without permission. There is no duty of care that applies to the trespasser, unless the trespasser is a child; however, this rule can become complicated. Therefore, you should seek help from our team of premises liability attorneys so you have a better idea based on your particular case.

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