Car Wrecks Caused by Defective Products

Product Liability Claims Involving Defective Car Parts

Car accidents come with a variety of causes, but some that have caught the eye of Newport Beach injury lawyers are those that are caused by a faulty car part or car itself.

Whether it’s a faulty brake system, accelerator pedal, or some other mechanical issue, the inability to control your vehicle properly can easily result in an accident. Faulty design can also create hazardous driving conditions. Some examples of motor vehicle product liability lawsuits that have been filed in recent years include:

  • SUVs that are prone to flipping over while turning
  • Cars sold with tires that blowouts easily
  • Motorcycles that become unsteady when driven at high speeds

As a driver, you are supposed to follow traffic laws to stay as safe as possible. You expect that car manufacturers follow safety regulations, as well. The last thing you’d expect is for your vehicle to be the thing that’s putting you in danger.

If you or someone you know was injured due to a product defect, then it’s likely due to the negligence of the manufacturer. If this is the case, then you can hire a product liability attorney in your area to sue them.

Product Liability Claims

If you were in a crash because of a defective car part, you can actually make the manufacturer the focus of your lawsuit. Product liability claims for vehicles are typically divided into two types:

  • Defectively manufactured vehicles or vehicle parts: If vehicles or vehicle parts were improperly manufactured and resulted in injury, then you sue both the vehicle manufacturer and the manufacturer of the parts. This may be the result of an error at the manufacturing facility where the vehicle or part was made, or a problem that occurs during shipping or at the dealership or supply. Whether the error occurred at the factory, during shipping, or at the dealership, you can hold the manufacturer responsible.
  • Vehicles with an unreasonably dangerous design: Sometimes, a vehicle is put on the market despite having some unsafe features. Certain SUVs can easily flip if turned too quickly, and some cars have small rearview windows that make it hard to reverse safely. Oftentimes, multiple accidents have to occur before the car manufacturer realizes its error. An unreasonably dangerous design can result in your injury, and you can sue for this as long as your injury attorney can prove that you were not driving negligently.

Who Can I Sue for a Defective Vehicle or Vehicle Part?

While almost all product liability lawsuits in California involve suing the product manufacturer, the complex distribution chain of the automobile industry complicates your lawsuit. Your personal injury attorney in Newport Beach will need to identify all possible parties to sue.

The car industry involves multiple participants in what’s called the “chain of distribution,” and the focus of your lawsuit can be any link in that chain from manufacturer to salesman. The chain of distribution includes:

  • Manufacturer
  • Parts manufacturer
  • Car dealership or automotive supply shop
  • Middleman or shipper
  • Used car dealer

You can sue one of the above parties even if the car did not belong to you. If it was a rental or a friend’s car, you can still file your lawsuit.

Most product liability claims must be made before the two year anniversary of your accident. While you may be overwhelmed with your recovery process, you should try to contact a lawyer for product liability suits as soon as possible.

You have a lengthy legal battle ahead of you, but you can be sure that an attorney from Accident Lawyers Firm will work around the clock to build the strongest case for compensation possible.

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