Defective Amazon Product Lawsuits

Get Compensation for Your Injuries Caused by a Defective Amazon Product

We’ve all ordered low-cost fast-shipped products from Amazon and have been less than thrilled when they arrive. Determining quality when online shopping is already difficult, and it’s especially hard since Amazon has so many different vendors within their site.

With their fast shipping turnaround, many who shop on Amazon know that they aren’t getting a high-quality product. While buyers can examine product descriptions, photos, and customer reviews to see if what they are buying is worth their money, it’s been known that vendors, and Amazon themselves, can curate or fake positive reviews.

While a bad Amazon purchase usually results in being thrown in the trash, some products can actually cause injuries to customers. After a 2021 ruling, getting justice has been made easier for product liability attorneys in Newport Beach and other cities because Amazon can now be sued for injuries caused by their products.

New Product Liability Rulings

Amazon has faced a string of product liability lawsuits in Newport Beach and other cities around the country as customers begin to hold the mass retailer accountable for harm caused by items purchased on its marketplace. In 2021, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission determined that the retailer must pay for damages caused by their products.

These situations are more serious than a product that doesn’t do its job; the cases cited in this ruling include 24,000 carbon monoxide detectors that didn’t alert to toxic gases and 400,000 hair dryers that risked shock and electrocution. In 2020, a teenager’s room nearly went up in flames when a faulty Amazon phone charger began sparking and caught his desk chair on fire. Another woman suffered severe burns after her laptop replacement battery she got off the site exploded.

Amazon tried to dispute this since they are not the manufacturer of all of these products; typically, lawyers who sue for defective products in Newport Beach make the manufacturer the focus of their lawsuit. However, since the sale would not have been made if Amazon hadn’t listed the products on their website, they are the ones liable for any injuries or deaths.

How to File Your Lawsuit

If you were hurt by an Amazon product, you have two years since the date of the injury to file your lawsuit alongside a personal injury lawyer. After our Newport Beach accident lawyers file your lawsuit, they will need to find evidence that Amazon’s faulty product resulted in your injuries.

The first thing a bodily injury lawyer in Newport Beach will ask is if you were using the product as directed at the time of your injury. Amazon’s products have been of such poor quality that even using them exactly as directed has resulted in injuries. This is because the multi trillion-dollar company chooses to cut corners instead of spending its fortune on better products.

Just like with a traditional car crash, you should seek medical attention right away. This is important to your health and to your injury claim. The medical report will testify to your bodily damages in court. Photos are also essential in a personal injury case, so try to take photos of the scene.

An accident injury attorney will be able to prove that Amazon’s product was defective and led to your injuries. Amazon did not take your safety seriously, and their negligence resulted in your bodily injuries. With thorough documentation, your claim can result in compensation!

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