Suing for Injuries Caused by Contraceptives

Product Injury Lawsuits for Contraceptives

In this day and age, there are multiple kinds of contraceptives that are available to both women and men, but the race to manufacture convenient contraceptives also leaves room for faulty products.

Avoiding pregnancy is safer, easier, and more reliable than ever with the wide variety of contraceptive methods, including:

  • Pills
  • Intrauterine devices (IUDs)
  • Shots
  • Vaginal ring
  • Patch
  • Spermicide gel

Unfortunately, sometimes these products fail, resulting in unplanned pregnancy and health problems. While you can’t sue for unplanned pregnancy, you can sue for injuries like infections, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), uterine problems, tumors, and wrongful death.

Since contraceptives are sold under the impression that they are safe to use, you have grounds to hire a personal injury attorney to file a lawsuit for selling a faulty or dangerous product. The lawsuits are typically on the grounds of:

  • product liability
  • breach of warranty
  • fraudulent misrepresentation
  • medical malpractice

Since most contraceptives are pills taken every day or a product that is worn internally for long periods of time, there are many health complications that can occur. Multiple contraceptive users have sued and won against the manufacturers due to injuries that occurred while using the products. 

The most common injuries that our attorneys for contraceptive lawsuits have seen are due to IUDs. These devices are inserted into the uterus or fallopian tubes and worn for years at a time. They are made from metal, which means they can poke through the soft lining of your uterus and become embedded. In the most severe cases, women have lost limbs or even died due to infections that arise from embedded IUDs. IUDs can also increase the likelihood of an ectopic pregnancy, which is extremely painful and requires surgery to remove.

Injury Lawsuits Against Birth Control Manufacturers

Multiple birth control companies have been the subject of product liability lawsuits that arise from their contraceptive products causing serious harm to customers.

Recently, the company behind the IUD Paragard has been sued by thousands of women for failure to adequately warn consumers about the potential dangers of the device, including uterine perforation, PID, and expulsion from the uterus.

Bayer, the company that makes the Yaz pill, has settled more than 18,000 lawsuits regarding the life-threatening side effects of its birth-control pills, resulting in a grand total payout of over $1 billion. These side effects include blood clots, gallbladder problems, heart attacks, and strokes.

Bayer has also had to financially compensate users of its IUD, Mirena, due to misleading advertising that glossed over the negative side effects. Many women who have had IUDs inserted have experienced a wide variety of negative side effects. These range from severe hormonal acne to fever to spontaneous migration of the device within the body. In some cases, the device is unable to be located and the plaintiff has had to live knowing that it’s somewhere inside them.

Why File a Contraceptive Product Liability Lawsuit?

Injuries caused by contraceptives can be very serious and expensive. If you have experienced any health issues resulting from a contraceptive, you should contact our product liability attorneys to explore possible options for receiving financial compensation.

In your contraceptive injury lawsuit, you’ll likely be filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the product and/or any negligent medical professional you may have encountered. When you visit our personal injury law firm in Newport Beach, our attorneys can tell you how much money you’re most likely entitled to based on the circumstances and the severity of your injuries.

If an infection occurred from your IUD or your birth control pills resulted in serious blood clots, you may have spent an extended period in the hospital. If you had to have one or more life-saving surgeries to undo the unwanted effects of your contraceptive method, then you are going to be entitled to more money than someone who has not.

Our attorneys have helped get justice for a number of victims of corporate negligence. We are experts in getting compensation from companies who have injured those they pretended to help, including Uber and Lyft.

Contact us if you were injured due to:

  • a drunk or reckless driver
  • an unsafe working condition
  • a poorly constructed building or structure

How to File Your Lawsuit

If you were hurt by an Amazon product, you have two years since the date of the injury to file your lawsuit alongside a personal injury lawyer. After our Newport Beach accident lawyers file your lawsuit, they will need to find evidence that Amazon’s faulty product resulted in your injuries.

The first thing a bodily injury lawyer in Newport Beach will ask is if you were using the product as directed at the time of your injury. Amazon’s products have been of such poor quality that even using them exactly as directed has resulted in injuries. This is because the multi trillion-dollar company chooses to cut corners instead of spending its fortune on better products.

Just like with a traditional car crash, you should seek medical attention right away. This is important to your health and to your injury claim. The medical report will testify to your bodily damages in court. Photos are also essential in a personal injury case, so try to take photos of the scene.

An accident injury attorney will be able to prove that Amazon’s product was defective and led to your injuries. Amazon did not take your safety seriously, and their negligence resulted in your bodily injuries. With thorough documentation, your claim can result in compensation!

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