Sexual Assault and Rideshares

Were You Sexually Assaulted in an Uber or Lyft? Get Compensation.

If you think you are alone in surviving a sexual assault in an Uber or Lyft, you are wrong. In fact, California injury attorneys report filing nearly 1,000 respective sexual assault civil suits against the rideshare giants in 2021.

Is it really this bad?

What was introduced as a safe way for drunk people to get home has quickly turned into anything but. Not only have rideshares been linked to an increase in traffic accidents, but they also have a nasty trail of harassment and assault allegations. Uber released its first-ever safety report in 2019, which indicated that 3,045 reports of sexual assault had been filed by those using the US platform between 2017 and 2018.

One woman reported calling a Lyft when she was outside a bar. She had drunk too much and felt dizzy. She thought her night had come to an end once the driver pulled up outside her apartment, but little did she know, he had gotten out of his car and approached her while she was fumbling with her keys at her door. Once she unlocked it, he pushed her inside and assaulted her.

Another story involves a woman who shared a ride with her friend. Her friend was the first stop, and once she got out, the Lyft driver turned off the app and drove the remaining woman around until he found a secluded hotel parking lot to attack her in. This woman managed to stop her attacker by urinating on herself.

Each woman, and man, who has survived a sexual attack reports that they feel “lucky” that they were only assaulted and not killed. However, our lawyers for sexually harassed and abused individuals don’t think this is enough; rideshare giants Uber and Lyft make billions each year, and they can handle paying for therapy and recovery for some of these victims.

Afterall, therapy and a stronger sense of safety and security are what your civil lawsuit for sexual assault is supposed to pay for.

Why File a Civil Lawsuit for Sexual Assault? 

Sexual assault can be filed as criminal charges or in a personal injury claim, which is sorted out in civil court. Civil cases result in financial compensation being paid out to you and the sexual abuse lawyer you hire.

This financial compensation can be used to pay for therapy for the rest of your life, self-defense classes, and a home in a safe neighborhood with a security system. While it’s not jail time, monetary compensation can help you move forward in a healthy and comfortable way.

In civil cases of sexual assault, your personal injury attorney can sue either the perpetrator or another party that may also be liable. In many cases, survivors prefer to sue Uber or Lyft for sexual assault rather than the perpetrator.

Why Sue Uber or Lyft for Your Sexual Assault?

You can sue the actual driver who assaulted you, or you can sue the company that failed to protect its customers.

Many sexual assault lawyers say that they find more favorable results after suing the company.

Why should you sue the rideshare company that hired the driver that assaulted you?

  • Rideshare giants Uber and Lyft make billions each year, so you know that they can afford to pay you your damages. It’s a possibility that you’ll get less compensation if the driver is in a tight financial position.
  • Uber and Lyft tout themselves as “a safe ride home,” and the fact that this happened can be argued as falsely advertising their service. Many who report assaults and harassment by their drivers are simply refunded their ride, leaving the driver free to commit again. By providing evidence of their lack of concern, you and your injury attorney may be able to win more.
  • By making Uber and Lyft pay for the accident, you may save someone else the same fate as you. Complaints are one thing, but losing money is another. By filing sexual assault claims against ridesharing companies, widespread changes in the ways these companies operate may be a reality.

Accident Lawyers Firm is a group of personal injury attorneys who advocate for survivors of sexual assault and harassment. We are here to listen to you and to fight for you. Contact us to set up a free case review; all our fees are taken out of your settlement, so you don’t need to be worried about affording our services. We are here to help you heal.


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