Positivity During These Covid-19 Times

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I wanted to share a positive message because the news is so stressful and constantly wants to put us in fear. It is important to see the positive in every situation. Even though it might be extremely difficult to do so now. The Coronavirus has had a great effect on the economy, but more importantly [...]

Pre-Existing Conditions Can Impact Personal Injury Cases

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One of the major problems faced by personal injury attorneys is the pre-existing health condition of their clients at the time of the accident. It doesn’t matter whether the health condition is large or small – it will definitely affect personal injury claims as well as the amount of compensation a client will receive. It [...]

How to Recover from Spinal Cord Injury Medical Malpractice

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The third highest cause of death for people in the United States is medical malpractice. Data collected from a study done by Johns Hopkins University indicates over 245,000 people die annually as a result of medical errors. Other studies suggest these numbers could be significantly higher. It's possible the actual numbers could be more than [...]

Another Year Older, Another Decade Wiser!

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As I complete another revolution around the sun I have probably grown the most in my life in the last year. Over the last year, I essentially went through a midlife crisis and had to re-evaluate each and every aspect of my life. I just wanted to wake up and feel fulfilled. I felt stuck, [...]

What To Do When Your Dog Bites Someone

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While your dog is sweet and easygoing most of the time, situations may arise where it may feel scared and bites someone. When this occurs, a difficult situation can get worse very quickly if you don't know what to do or expect. If the situation spirals out of control, you will find yourself dealing with [...]

Does Uber Carry Uber Insurance for Injured Passengers?

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If you have been injured in an accident as a passenger in an Uber vehicle, finding a reputable personal injury lawyer in Newport Beach should be your top priority. Accident Lawyers Firm are the Newport Beach ridesharing accident attorneys that injured parties know and trust, with the knowledge and experience to answer your questions and [...]

Who’s to Blame if You Slip and Fall in a Parking Lot

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Slip and fall accident injuries can be particularly problematic when they occur in a parking lot where multiple businesses operate. Cases where an injury occurs in a parking lot with one business can be simpler, but even then many times the property owner can be at fault when they are responsible for maintaining the lot. [...]

Want the Best Personal Injury Lawyer?

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Want the Best Personal Injury Lawyer? Search for These 3 Things in Their Online Reviews How do you find the right lawyer for you? You want results—a fair settlement or award that will help you move forward with your life. But you also want a lawyer who will treat you with respect and empathy. There [...]

Frequently Asked Questions for Pedestrian Accidents

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If you were recently injured in a pedestrian accident, you have rights. You need to be aware of these rights as well as what you can do to claim them. Your best bet is to get in touch with an expert firm of pedestrian accident lawyers in Newport Beach to learn more. As a pedestrian [...]