Electrocution and Electrical Burns

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Thousands of individuals are affected every year by electrical injuries. The vast majority of these injuries occur at work. These individuals work in dangerous occupations such as linesmen for utilities and at industries that have a number of high-voltage machines. These people have a risk of suffering from electric shock on a daily basis. There are also thousands of other frequent shock cases that are caused by home repairs and other daily activities that a person may engage in. The circumstances of anyone who is injured in a fire from electricity or electrocution can mean the difference between no money at all and a massive settlement from an employer or manufacturer with the help of a fire injury attorney Newport Beach.

Electrocution vs. Electrical Burns

There are a number of different injuries that a person can receive in an electrical context that may require the help of a fire injury attorney Newport Beach. When someone comes in contact with electricity that is not properly grounded, they can face a wide variety of negative effects. Electricity always heads towards ground and tries to complete a circuit. When a person is in the way of that connection, they become the conduit for the current. An increased amount of electricity can cause a large amount of heat. This head can damage a person in the form of electrical burns. Individuals can have muscle spasms from an electric shock. Muscles usually activate based on electricity and can seize when faced with a considerable amount of voltage or amperage.

Electrocution is an electric shock that is so serious that it ended up killing a person. The term is often used for practically any sort of electric shock. But the -cution ending refers to an event that kills a person. The most common way that an electric shock becomes fatal is through stopping the heart. The heart muscle contracts based on an electric current and it may stop if the initial electric current is overridden by the current from an outside source.

There are a number of factors needed for a particular electric shock to prove fatal and seriously require the aid of a lawyer for burn injuries in Newport Beach. First, the shock needs to be of a considerable amperage as well as voltage. Most people are familiar with voltage as a measure of an electric shock. But voltage mainly refers to the flow of electrons that are going through a person in a shock.

A person can be shocked with tens of thousands of volts and still survive relatively easily. The amperage is much more serious and refers to the total volume of electrons that flows through the shock. Only a fraction of an amp can stop a human heart and kill an individual. This factor is why any situation with a high amperage requires an individual to stay careful and take a number of precautions in order to protect themselves.

Possible Causes

There are many causes of electrical burns and other mishaps which occur which may require the help of a lawyer for burn injuries in Newport Beach. Many of these are due to human error. Individuals sometimes make poor decisions while working with high-voltage cabinets. They may not properly ground themselves. An individual may not have properly gone through the lock-out tag-out procedures in a particular workplace. Every cabinet has a detailed checklist that a person must go through in order to safely work on that cabinet and meet government and private guidelines.

Another possibility is a wide set of circumstances where an individual becomes the victim of a negligent company or manufacturer. In every piece of equipment that is meant to contain high voltage, there are a number of vulnerable points where a breakdown in an insulator or a resistor could lead to a shock. Regulators make sure that company parts go through rigorous testing. However, it just takes one mistake on the part of a major factory to result in a person becoming seriously injured.

What To Do

Anyone who is affected by electrical burns should first seek immediate medical attention. These burns can be a serious medical issue and can cause serious muscular and skin damage if not treated. Then, once an individual is safe and has received medical treatment, they should start to inquire about the nature of their injury.

Most individuals know the basic causes of their injury and what happened to lead to it. But even those who are confident that they are responsible for the injury should still contact a personal injury attorney Newport Beach who specializes in personal injury. 

A personal injury attorney Newport Beach can review the situation that a person is facing and all of the circumstances behind their injury. They should bring together a step-by-step guide detailing every circumstance surrounding the injury and how it came to be.

This process often involves a close investigation of the scene of the injury and all of the associated events that occurred surrounding it.

It is possible that another party may have taken a number of steps that would have led to the injury in almost any circumstance. For instance, there may have been a wire that was brought into contact with a person. There is the chance that a cabinet was not properly labeled or a procedure was not required. Sometimes, injuries occur because a person believes that they were touching a grounded electrical area when they were not.


Anyone who is injured in a fire from a shock needs to be aware of their rights in their particular situation with the  help of burn injury attorneys Newport Beach. They need to know whether or not they are owed money or should be taking considerable steps to ensure that they receive money within a statute of limitations. Faulty parts and even missing signage can make certain that an individual has a decent chance of winning a settlement. But none of these circumstances are possible without the help of a burn injury attorneys Newport Beach.