Types of Burn Injuries and Causes

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Burn injuries can occur due to a wide range of circumstances at a number of places, such as on the job, in the home, during leisure activities, and more. Because fires can happen anywhere at any time, it is essential to be vigilant in order for one to avoid an instance like this from happening. In this blog, you will learn about the types of burn injuries that can occur, along with the several causes.

Types of Burn Injury Causes
Thermal burns: These types of burns can be caused by contact with flames, steam, hot water/liquids, and many other sources of heat. Within the category of thermal burns, there are four separate classifications:

Flash burns: Explosions from natural gas, propane, gasoline, and other flammable liquids.

Flame burns: House fires, improper use of flammable liquids, auto accidents, stoves, and heaters.

Scald burns: Burns caused by hot liquids, such as oil, grease, water, tar, and more.

Contact burns: Burns from hot metal, plastic, glass, or coal.

Chemical burns: Chemical burns result from strong acids or alkali substances until the matter is no longer active. These types of burns are from acids and bases in bleach, ammonia, and other household cleaners, such as toilet bowl cleaner, drain cleaner, swimming pool chemicals, and more.

Electrical burns: Electrical burns are caused by AD or DC currents, and can occur in the workplace, construction sites, offices, restaurants, agricultural sites, and many other places.

Radiological burns: These types of burns are caused by alpha, beta, or gamma radiation, and can be from sunburns, x-rays, and more.

Types of Burns

Now that you have learned about the several causes of burns, you will now learn about the types of burns that can potentially occur. Once you learn about the type of burns there are, you will be able to better determine how to treat the injury based on the extent of the damage. In essence, burn injuries are categorized into three types: first, second, and third-degree burns.

If you have sustained a burn, it is essential that you seek medical help immediately before or else your burn can worsen.

Here are three three types of burns in detail:

First degree: First degree burns affect the epidermis, which is only the outer layer of skin. Although first degree burns only affect one layer of skin, it can still be very painful and usually turns bright red. These types of burns don’t necessarily require hospitalization, unless it is for pain control or fluid imbalance, which is not very common with these types of burns. As for healing, it can usually take up to 3 to 5 days. Once the skin is healed, the outer layer of the skin peeled away from the healthy skin.

Second degree: Second degree burns affects the entire epidermis and the outer layers of the dermis, which usually result in a pink or red colored burn that is painful and appears to be wet or moist. There may be some sensation; however, it is usually reduced. When a second degree occurs, the first layer of skin is completely burned through and the second layer is affected; however, it is not completely diminished. Second degree burns can take up to several weeks to heal, or 10 to 21 days if the scarring is minimal.

Third degree: Third degree burns result in all three layers of the skin to be destroyed. Since all layers of the skin destroyed, it can even extend into the subcutaneous tissues. These types of burns may appear black or white and are dry. The texture can feel leathery and extremely painful; however, sometimes these burns can result in the nerve endings to be completely numb, which are only in severe cases.

With that being said, burn injuries can range from minor to extremely severe. Burn injuries can lead to severe scarring, which can result in emotional and physical repercussions for victims.

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