As more and more bicyclists hit the roads of California, the fatality rate of bicycle accidents are also on the rise. Statistics are usually recorded in three-year sections. In 2016 through 2018, 455 cyclists were killed as a result of roadway accidents according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This is the highest spike of accidents within the past 25 years.

It’s important to note that this statistic doesn’t include those who were injured due to roadway incidents. That’s a whole other section of problems that bicyclists face while on the road. If you or someone you know was injured in a bike accident then you should enlist the assistance of a personal injury attorney Newport Beach. They can help to fight your case to get you the money you deserve for your injuries.

What Is Causing The Increase?
Experts are weighing in on many factors that could be increasing the fatality rate. The first is that there are simply more California residents riding bicycles than ever before. With more bikers, there are notably more accidents that can result in fatalities. However, this factor alone has been discounted by many researchers.

They are doubting this factor by stating that there has been a large increase in the number of drivers on the roadway as well. In fact, they’re saying that the number of roadway drivers has increased more than those who are cycling. Therefore, they don’t believe the increasing number of cyclists on the roadway is to blame for the rise in fatalities.

One surprising feature of this accident fatality rate is that more accidents tend to occur between large trucks and SUVs. Experts are blaming the increase in bigger consumer vehicles for the increase in fatality rates. With smaller automobiles prevalent in the past, it’s thought by a bicycle accident lawyer Newport Beach that less severe injuries were more likely to result. With bigger vehicles in the present, comes more injuries that can lead to fatalities.

Any personal injury bicycle accident lawyer in California can reveal that one of the most common factors that are causing the upsurge in bicycle fatalities is distracted driving. We’ve all heard warnings about texting and driving. However, distracted driving has been on the rise according to a knowledgeable injury attorney Newport Beach. When automobile drivers are distracted, they create more risk for injuries and death for bicyclists on the roadway.

The Demographics Of Fatalities
When analyzing who was injured in a bike accident, experts want to take a look at the demographics. Currently, males are more likely to be involved in a fatal incident than females according to the data from 2016 through 2018. Those in the range of 25 to 65 years old are more likely to be involved in a fatal accident. 

Ways To Reduce Fatalities
There are various suggestions for reducing bicycle fatalities in California. First, lowering the speed limits on some roadways can help to reduce the severity of the impact. Any experienced bicycle accident lawyer Newport Beach can tell you that a bicyclist hit at 20 mph will have a much better chance of survival than one hit at 50 mph. In addition, it’s been suggested to create more infrastructure to adhere to the safety of bicyclists. This means separate bike lanes and better-marked intersections. Any personal injury bicycle accident lawyer can reveal that having separate areas for bicyclists away from vehicles can greatly reduce the risk of fatalities.