Workers’ compensation can be a lifesaver if you were injured while working at your job. Workers’ compensation is most often paid out in the event you fell and got injured on the job. This is usually done without a personal injury lawyer in Newport Beach, as these claims are usually accepted.

However, it’s possible to injure yourself if you have a desk job, as well. Especially if you work from home, you may be wondering if treatment for your wrist pain that comes from typing or using your computer eight hours a day is covered. If you work from home, can you still get workers’ comp?

Yes, California gives workers compensation to those who work from home.

Employees are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits whenever they have an injury or illness that occurred during the course of their employment, while they were working their jobs. Whether you were in or out of the office, your employer should still compensate your medical bills.

Now that you’ve passed the first hurdle of knowing that your medical bills can be covered by workers’ comp, you now must understand that filing a workers’ comp claim can be quite complex.

The burden of proof is on you to show that your injury is real and that you got it from duties you must do for your job. Specifics of the accident are essential to getting your claim approved.

Since you were at home, you need to illustrate every detail possible. You should write down the time, as close to the minute as possible, that this accident happened. It’s also helpful if you have messaging leading up to the accident, talking about the activity you were supposed to be doing.

You should also see a doctor and include their report in your claim.

If you were denied workers’ compensation and need to file a claim against your employer. Contact our injury attorney to start this process.