Three Essential Questions You Might Have After an Accident

Why You Should Lawyer Up After a Car Accident

Car accidents are always followed by a great deal of questions. Who is at fault? What should I do about medical bills? Is it absolutely necessary to pursue legal help? At Accident Lawyers firm, we have a team of personal injury attorneys in Newport Beach that can help you get through this tumultuous time. We understand the economic hardships that many car crash victims and their families endure. Read on for three essential questions that might arise if you get hurt on the road.

  1. When Should I Hire a Lawyer After an Accident?


    Any accident, minor or significant, can be resolved best by hiring a car crash lawyer. At the very outset, insurance companies start evaluating the extent of injuries, damage to the vehicle, your character, and record every conversation to use it against you in a court of law. When you have a lawyer on your side, they will work with you before investigating the accident to negate false claims in court and retrieve maximum compensation for you.

    Unfortunately, there is a chance that the insurance companies may deny your claim, and you will have to accept the responsibility in the absence of any knowledge of your legal rights. Insurance companies are not your friend, and Nationwide is not on your side. The companies will do anything to look out for themselves and keep you from getting the compensation you deserve.

    The best car accident lawyer in Newport Beach is knowledgeable in all the nuances of the insurance process and will alleviate all the stress involved with dealing with claims adjusters. Claims adjusters, also known as insurance adjusters, inspect property damage or personal injury claims to assess how much the company should provide you for your medical expenses, economic and non-economic damages. Unfortunately, when you act without a lawyer, they will lowball you to retain their profits. Your legal counsel can negotiate your claim and will always get you a much better settlement than you would ever get on your own.

    The insurance companies approach injured victims at the earliest time possible so they can trick you into settling the claim for a minimal amount.

    Pro Tip: Even if you accept an inadequate settlement and cash the check, an excellent auto accident attorney in southern CA will tell you about an alternative option. You can write a review and send it back to the insurance company to reject their offer and properly negotiate on behalf of your injuries.

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  2. How Do I Pay My Medical Bills After an Accident?

    Typically, the most significant worry victims face after an accident is how to pay their medical bills.

    Usually, a person who causes an accident is liable to pay for the medical expenses of the injured. The problem is that this does not happen until the accident is over. If the victim does not have medical insurance, then it can become costly fast!

    Claim settlements with insurance companies can take a long time, and the doctors will not wait until the claim gets settled to request payment for medical expenses. In such scenarios, you can opt for payment through one of the following options:

    1. a) Payment through Medicare or Medicaid,
    2. b) Payment under Med-Pay Coverage from your insurance policy,
    3. c) My personal favorite is to request the doctors to treat you on a lien basis.

    That means the doctor will enter into a lien agreement with you and your car accident lawyer in CA. The doctor will treat you without charging fees until the claim gets settled with the opposing party’s insurance company. Doctors get paid from the settlement amount as soon as an agreement gets met between both parties in court.

    The most significant benefit to this type of treatment is that the doctors will treat you much better than any doctor paid through insurance. According to the American Hospital Association, insurance, unfortunately, pays doctors 10 cents on the dollar; this is how aggressive these companies can be.

    When you treat through a lien, we pay the doctors correctly for all the treatment they give and give them what they earn!

    When treating on a lien, the most crucial factor, in any case, is how much insurance is available through the defendant or UIM coverage. You can only do lien treatment as much as there is money to do so.

  3. What Does This Mean?

    It means if the defendant has a $15,000.00 policy, you likely will not get surgery on a lien because the surgery costs tens of thousands of dollars.

    If the defendant’s insurance policy is $100,000.00, you can likely get all the treatment you need because there is an acceptable policy to cover the procedures. The insurance policy is the most significant determining factor in how much lien treatment you can receive.

    The bottom line is that if you work with the right attorney’s you can get the treatment you need to get done through a lien!

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If You Are the Victim of a Serious Car Crash

A minor fender bender is one thing. A serious crash is another. In the event of the latter, you will need to be rushed to the hospital. You may have to undergo a series of extensive surgeries which may leave you weak and laid up for weeks or months. You will not be able to earn income and you will be left with large medical bills. Once you are released, it may not be possible for you to return to work for some time. And if the accident has permanently disabled you, it may be impossible for you to resume your livelihood.

A severe car accident can throw your life into chaos and confusion. However, you need not deal with the financial consequences of such a cataclysm on your own. A car crash lawyer can help you get the money you need to deal with your situation.

Understanding Your Case

As you regain your strength and presence of mind, you should set up a meeting with a car accident lawyer. Once you are fit to understand your situation and talk about it, you should sit and collaborate on a thorough legal plan.

Your car accident lawyer will want to establish the facts of the case. You will need to describe the facts and circumstances leading to the accident. The main thing they will try to determine is who was at fault for it. In the state of California, you can get compensation from the other driver even if you were to some degree at fault. However, your compensation will be reduced according to your degree of fault. If you were not at fault at all, they will help establish this fact.

Law firms have a network of support professionals to help them build a civil litigation case. Your attorney will bring in a private investigator team to gather the relevant evidence. The investigators will go to the scene of the crash and review any traffic camera footage of it. They will also track down witnesses and interview them. In some cases, witnesses are found who have captured the crash on their cell phone cameras. 

Your attorney will also employ the services of an accident reconstruction expert. These professionals can develop a computer simulation of the accident based on the debris, dents, tire marks and other evidence at the crash site.

The main aim of multi-car accident lawyers Newport Beach is to get their clients as much money as possible. To this end, the first thing your attorney will do is determine the value of your case. If you have been seriously injured, your attorney will review your medical records and speak to your doctor. They will bring in an independent expert to review your case and get them to make a statement. Your lawyer will also speak to your family to better understand how your injuries have affected them.

The lawsuit need not go to trial. If your lawyer has gathered enough evidence against the respondent, they may be able to pressure them into settling. With all that you have been through, the last thing you want to deal with is a long court battle. Your lawyer will try to avoid that if they can. They will instead negotiate a settlement that is fair and adequate, and that will allow you to pay your bills, recover lost income, and receive compensation for pain and suffering.