What to Know About Insurance Claims After a Car Crash

The Basics of Insurance Claims of Los Angeles

Whether you are in the driver’s seat or riding on the passenger’s side, misfortunes happen. However, you have a legal right to compensation for your loss. The claims process starts immediately after the accident, and it’s the first step to a complete recovery. However, it is often not easy and requires legal help from a skilled accident injury attorney in Newport Beach.

This article provides an overview of injury claims, how it applies to your case, and when it’s best to schedule a consultation with our law firm.

What Happens After the Accident?

Before we dive into the details, the first thing to do after a car crash is to get professional medical help. They will give you a full-body examination to rule out any possibilities of internal injuries. As your Newport Beach car accident lawyer will base your settlement amount on the severity of your injuries, this is a vital step.

Your primary physician or the doctors who treated you at the hospital can also work alongside your lawyer to help represent your case. However, you’ll need to report the accident within 24 hours for it to qualify successfully. Keep in mind that the insurance company will immediately establish an investigation to verify if your case is genuine.

Insurance companies may ask you, the victim, to provide documentation or proof of the accident scene, names of witnesses, or other information regarding the crash. It is best to pass this responsibility to your auto accident attorney to avoid accidentally admitting or insinuating fault.

The Difference Between First and Third Party Claims

If you have been in an accident and are looking to file an insurance claim to compensate for your injuries and losses, your attorney for car accidents will likely update you on the different types of claims.

  • The first-party claim usually gets filed with your own insurance company.
  • Third-party claims are the ones that you file with the other person’s insurance company.

The type of claim you file mainly depends on who is taking the blame. Most drivers with car insurance have coverage for third parties that get injured from an accident they caused. Suppose you were involved in an accident as a rideshare driver with a passenger in the car at no fault of your own you should file a third-party claim with the other driver’s insurance. The accident was someone else’s fault so filing compensation would get listed as a third-party claim.

If you hit someone crossing the street, for example, you should submit a first-party claim as you are responsible for their injuries. The damages in this scenario are often more significant, as the victim sustained life-threatening injuries.

Places like Orange County have knowledgeable car accident lawyers that provide legal help for every victim involved to recover compensation from the insurance companies.

Calculating The Value of Your Claim

After investigating the value of your compensation, the insurance company will send the amount of the payment. You should know that if the company denies your claim or you feel unsatisfied with the settlement amount, you can approach the insurance company. Your Newport Beach car injury lawyer can request an appeal to present more documentation or evidence required.

Sometimes when more than one person is involved in a car crash, the insurance companies will double the amount of the settlement check. It is an inadequate approach, especially for the injuries you may have suffered. In such cases, we can help you approach the company’s insurance to get the stipulated amount for your recovery.

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Do I have to Contact Insurance Every Time I’m in a Wreck?

It’s a good idea to contact your insurance agency whenever you’re in an accident, even if it’s a single-car accident. In fact, it’s illegal in some states and can result in penalties if you choose not to contact your insurance agency. 

If you were in an accident with another driver, you should contact insurance to serve as backup documentation of the accident. When there are no authority figures involved, your (or the other driver’s) case for compensation turns into a he-said-she-said. 

What Do I Do if I Hit an Animal While Driving?

Sometimes it’s nearly impossible to avoid hitting a wild animal when they run in front of your car. In the event that you strike and kill an animal, you should act the same way you would if it were another car. 

You should stop, get out, and take photos to document what happened. You should then contact law enforcement, which is required in some states. A police officer will help you get the animal out of the way of traffic as well as get in touch with animal control services, who will then come pick it up. 

If there’s damage to your vehicle, you will need to contact your insurance agency and present your photos. 

What Should I Do if I Need Compensation Following an Accident?

Whenever you’re in a car accident, it’s a good idea to get a lawyer on your side. An experienced car crash attorney will help you gather evidence necessary to make your claim. It is the best thing you can do if you’re planning on seeking compensation for your accident.