Train derailments occur for two main reasons: human error and speeding trains. A train only needs to travel more than 10 miles per hour to have a propensity to derail. If the train is traveling at a speed less than 10 miles per hour, derailments occur because of human error.

Sometimes, cars and trains collide when vehicles get stuck on the tracks. When a train hits a car, it will throw it off of the tracks and destroy the vehicle in the process. Railroad crossings exist in downtown metropolitan areas, so derailments have the potential to cause much more damage when trains run into the buildings or even the people present in the area. These collisions cause property damages and injuries to people that cost everyone a significant amount of money.

Trains are not colliding with automobiles or other trains as often as vehicles collide with each other, but the injuries are much more severe. Just one train derailment that occurred in Brooklyn in 2017 caused 103 people to be injured. In Philadelphia in 2015, a train derailment caused more than 200 injuries, but it also caused eight deaths. You can expect a train that is traveling 40 or 50 miles per hour to cause significant damage when it runs off of the tracks.

Hiring an Attorney
When people are hurt after a train derailment, the railroad will be held responsible. The railroads are the ones in charge of the upkeep of the nation’s rails. If these people are not performing regular maintenance on the rails and you are injured, you need to hire a Newport Beach train accident lawyer. The unfortunate truth is that these professionals must also follow all of the safety regulations that are on the books, and if they don’t, many people have the potential to be seriously injured.

If you were injured in a train derailment in Newport Beach, contact train accident lawyers today. You may be entitled to monetary compensation for your injuries, but you must hire a train accident attorney Newport Beach to represent you in court. If you are concerned about filing a lawsuit and taking the at-fault party to court, your personal injury lawyer in Newport Beach may be able to obtain a negotiated settlement for you outside of court. Call the Accident Lawyers Firm today. Our personal injury attorneys will offer you a free consultation. We are the number one personal injury choice for individuals and businesses.