The use of cellphones has brought up a lot of debate in the legal world in regards to driving. You may be wondering if you’re allowed to utilize cell phones when driving or texting while in the great state of California. The simple truth that any Newport Beach car accident lawyer will tell you is that drivers are not allowed to engage in the use of handheld cell phones while driving.

This California law has followed a nationwide trend regarding the dangers of utilizing cellphones while driving. Any car wreck lawyer Newport Beach can easily prove that the use of a cell phone makes the driver distracted from their task of driving. While it may not always result in a wreck, it does sometimes which is why an personal injury attorney Newport Beach can assist you in suing a driver who was distracted by their cell phone.

The Exceptions
While most citizens would like to think that all laws are clearcut, that’s not the case. Many times a general law works for the majority of cases but there needs to be some exceptions. In regards to California law, the use of cellphones is banned for everybody except for in the following instances:

  • Use By Vehicles On Private Property
  • Use By Authorized Emergency Vehicles
  • To Contact An Emergency Service Agency

If you have any grey area regarding this list, you should employ the help of a car crash lawyer Newport Beach. They can explain the specifics of what defines these exceptions and whether or not a phone call falls within them.

The Legal Implications Of Cellphone Use While Driving
Your injury attorney Newport Beach can explain to you the implications of cellphone use while driving. These start at a basic fine and go up from there. An initial fine for a first-time offense is set at $20. However, once the processing and assessment fees are tacked on, this results in around $150.

Auto accident lawyers Newport Beach reveal that a second or subsequent offense will start at $50. Once assessment and processing fees are tacked on, this will go to over $250. While these fines will cost you a pretty penny, they won’t add any points on your driving record. That is off right now.

California law is still working to catch up to the new trend of unsafe cellphone use while driving. Although the current law doesn’t add any point violation to your driving record, it will in the future. After July 1, 2021, officers can disperse one point to your driving record if you are found using a cellphone while driving. However, you must have had a prior distracted driving offense within the last three years. Your car crash lawyer Newport Beach can help you to determine the specifics of this new law.

Enforcement By Age
Your car wreck lawyer Newport Beach can go more in-depth regarding the specifics of hands-free cell phone use. However, the laws are typically broken down into two particular categories. These are those drivers who are over the age of 18 and those who are under.

A Newport Beach car accident lawyer will tell you that those who are under the age of 18 driving a vehicle in the state of California are not allowed to use cellphones at all. Those who are over the age of 18 are capable of using hands-free cell phone devices. However, they may not use cell phone devices that are not hands-free. You can enlist the help of auto accident lawyers Newport Beach to determine the difference between hands-free and handheld devices.