Construction Injuries and Compensation

Contact a Bodily Injury Attorney for Compensation if You Were Injured in a Construction Site Accident

Newport Beach Construction accident attorney Construction workers are an essential yet undervalued part of our society. Without their labor, there would be no highways or buildings, and the demand for these structures causes many workers to double up on shifts, which results in more worksite accidents.

More worksite accidents mean more worksite injury claims in Los Angeles being made out to accident injury attorneys. In this article, we are delving into more detail about the kinds of worksite accidents and the compensation battle that ensues.

Construction workers who are severely injured often receive a medical bill of over $40,000, and those workers who are so injured they die from their injuries often leave their families with $100,000 worth of expenses.

Many who suffer workplace injuries don’t realize that they can file a claim for compensation. They are often discouraged by their employers, but the injuries wouldn’t have happened had they not been at work. If you were injured in a construction accident, make sure to contact a bodily injury lawyer in Newport Beach.

A Newport Beach injury law firm will look over your case and examine the accident in order to prove that your employer can be held liable for your injuries. A great thing about accident injury attorneys is that they can quantify all of your damages from your medical costs to your lost wages from the time you’ve had to rest instead of work. An attorney will also take the time to check your workplace for negligence in safety equipment and training because you can win additional compensation if gross negligence is found.

Common Construction Injuries

If you are a construction worker, you are hopefully aware of OSHA’s Fatal Four construction accidents that lead to the most worker deaths annually. However, the majority of construction accident injuries don’t lead to death. And a scary fact is that many don’t even get reported. This can be because employees are scared that if they report an injury, they will be taken off the job out of liability concerns. While a construction company is liable for their workers’ injuries, they should be ensuring that safety precautions are met, meaning that workers are trained properly and sites are not understaffed.

OSHA found that in the majority of construction site injuries, safety precautions were not being followed properly. From an injury attorney in Newport Beach standpoint, this can either help or hurt your case for compensation, depending on who exactly failed to follow safety rules.

If you are injured at a construction job, you are going to be left with medical bills to pay. If your injuries are so severe that you cannot work, then you are also going to be short a few paychecks from the time you spend off work to recover.

The most common injuries are listed below:
Burns: Exposed wires, potent chemicals, leaky pipes, and stray sparks from machinery can quickly cause a fire that gets out of hand. When our lawyers deal with burn injury victims, many of them got these injuries from working on construction sites.

Head and Brain Injuries: Many construction workers work on skyscrapers, meaning they are either high in the air or working under objects that are suspended in the air. Falling objects account for many head injuries, whether they are lacerations or full-on traumatic brain damage. The brain is an organ that does not recover well, so it’s important to try to avoid these kinds of injuries by wearing a hard hat.

Spinal Cord Injuries: If you fall from a ladder or the edge of a building, you can suffer serious damage to your spine, including paralysis and lifelong disabilities. If a surface is higher than five feet in the air, OSHA recommends implementing some kind of fall protection, especially since they estimate that 90% of falling accidents are due to safety violations.

Cuts and Lacerations: Construction sites are full of sharp tools and machinery designed to cut through metal, so human skin that gets in the way stands no chance. In worst cases, limbs or digits can be cut clean off.

Broken Bones: Falling from a structure or getting caught in between objects can result in broken bones. It’s important to be wary of all equipment since it can hurt those who are not paying attention.

Loss of Vision: You should always wear protective eye gear while working in construction because exposure to chemicals, gases, and sharp objects can cause permanent damage to your eyes.

Loss of Hearing: Once your hearing is gone, it’s not likely to return. Make sure to wear ear protection if you are working with jackhammers or other loud equipment. Even if it doesn’t seem that loud, prolonged exposure can still lead to hearing loss. Try to monitor your hearing if you work with machinery since many do not realize the cause of their hearing loss until later. Filing your claim closer to the accident makes it much easier for a Newport Beach bodily injury lawyer to get you financial compensation.

Getting Compensation For Your Injuries

It’s not just construction workers that seek out the services of construction accident attorneys in Newport Beach; Passersby can also be injured by falling objects or sparking machinery. Similar to a premises liability claim, a non-employee who is injured on a construction site can seek compensation from the owner of the site.

If you are an employee who is injured while on a construction assignment, then you have multiple avenues to get your injuries paid for. The first option that many employees go with is to file a workers’ compensation claim. This requires no worksite injury lawsuit in Newport Beach, and your injuries will likely be covered as long as they occurred while you were on the job.

However, those who are working as independent contractors may find it more difficult to prove that their injuries should be paid for by the person who hired them. A contractor is different than an employee, and they aren’t entitled to the same protections. Make sure you hire a personal injury lawyer; if you can’t get workers’ compensation, then you can file an injury claim.

If a homeowner hired you as an independent contractor to work on their property, they have a duty to maintain a safe environment while you get work done. While you take on a risk while working on a roof or with electrical wiring, the homeowner should make sure that other hazards, such as slippery surfaces and rickety staircases are taken care of. If you were injured while working on someone’s home project, then your personal injury attorney will make the homeowner the focus of your injury claim.

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Why Do These Accidents Happen?

Since one in five workplace injuries are in the construction job field, it’s important to understand why these accidents happen.
The construction industry is a high-stress, high-risk, and physically demanding profession, which sets many employees up to be fatigued while at work. Longer hours and overnight shifts are commonplace in the construction industry, and some even work overtime and multiple jobs at once to make ends meet. In addition to being physically demanding, construction work most often takes place outside whether the weather is rain or shine, which leads to more fatigue.

The majority of employers and employees believe that fatigue in the construction industry is a serious problem, but not all employers are sympathetic. It’s an employer’s job to help employees avoid burnout. California has mandated break periods for physical jobs, so your employer should not pressure you to skip any breaks, as it’s illegal.

Communication is also key to safety on construction sites. Worksite supervisors should schedule weekly or bi-weekly meetings with crewmembers to discuss proper safety protocol and how it applies to their specific project. Signage at construction sites can warn employees before they are exposed to a variety of hazards. High voltage signs and slippery surface signs can remind workers to take additional precautions in certain areas on the construction site.

Getting Compensation

If you are injured on the job, you can file a workers’ compensation claim. However, many construction sites make it difficult to get compensated for your injuries. Many workers are employed on a contract basis, and many accept a per diem of cash payments at the end of each day. This makes it very difficult to file for workers’ compensation.

Suffering an injury on your construction site can be overwhelming. On top of handling your injuries and discussions with medical professionals, you may also have to deal with workplace politics and the future of your construction career. You shouldn’t have to worry about your finances during this stressful time, so leave your case to an experienced workplace accident attorney in Newport Beach.

Accident Lawyers Firm is a Newport Beach-based law firm that wins our clients maximum compensation for their personal injury lawsuits. Our attorneys work tirelessly to add up your bodily damages, emotional damages, property damages, and overall pain and suffering that the negligent party should pay for. We also tap into our network of accident and health experts to gather thorough research and evidence to make your case for compensation as strong as possible. Contact us if you were injured in a:

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  • Workplace accident

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4 Most Deadly Construction Accidents

OSHA actually distinguishes four specific kinds of construction accidents as the “ Fatal Four” because they account for 60% of construction worker deaths. Knowing the danger of these situations can help employees understand why they need to take them seriously. The four deadliest construction accidents include:

  • Falls (39% of worksite deaths)
  • Struck by an object (8% of worksite deaths)
  • Electrocutions (7% of worksite deaths)
  • Caught in between machinery (5% of worksite deaths)