When you think of a dangerous job, you might imagine a police officer or a stuntman, but construction work tops the list of some of the most dangerous jobs. 

There were 5,250 workplace deaths last year, which is a slight increase from 2017, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Working with heavy machinery, at great heights, and sharp tools makes construction work very dangerous. 

Not only are construction workers doing risky activities, many of them are fatigued because they have to work overtime or double up on shifts to makes ends meet. Construction work starts early in the morning and often goes overnight. Because of the odd hours, many construction workers show up to work drowsy. 

Any construction site injury attorney in Newport Beach can tell you that sleep deprivation contributes to a large number of workplace injuries. When you are tired, your reaction times are slow and your decision-making skills can be numbed, making a perfect recipe for an accident.

The study found contact with objects and equipment is the second-most common workplace fatalities. Getting trapped between two pieces of machinery or within machinery is referred to as trenching. Being drowsy or not following safety protocol puts workers at high risk for this kind of injury. 

Falling from great heights or getting hit by falling objects on worksites is one of the leading causes of construction worker fatalities. Especially when working on roofs and scaffolding, workers should be wary of slick surfaces.

Construction workers also face electrocution as one of the injuries that are most common on worksites. While electricians understand how to identify live wires, many workers do not know and may directly touch them, resulting in a nasty shock.

“We’re treading water when it comes to worker safety,” says Ken Kolosh, the statistics manager for the National Safety Council. “We need to do a better job of protecting workers. Death on the job is not what it should take to get the job done.”

Many workplaces do not do enough to protect their employees. If your employer did not follow basic safety protocol or provide you with proper protective gear, then they were being negligent. It’s likely that their negligence contributed to your accident, which makes them liable for your injuries.

If you were one of those many construction workers harmed in workplace accidents, you should contact a Newport Beach personal injury lawyer. A lawyer can help recover compensation for your bodily damage and lost wages. Contact us for a free consultation today!