A recent accident in Newport Beach has resulted in the death of two people and the critical injury of three children. The accident was a result of a DUI that happened on Newport Coast Drive around 7:45 in the evening. The couple that was pronounced dead at the scene includes Henry Saldana-Mejia, 27, and his wife, Gabriela Andrade, 29.

An injury attorney Newport Beach has shared that the couple had three children who were critically injured as a result of the DUI accident. Their ages are 1, 3, and 5 years old. All of the children were reported to be in the back seat of the vehicle.

According to a knowledgeable car crash lawyer Newport Beach, the second vehicle involved was driven by a 22-year-old female. The Range Rover was destroyed in the accident, and the intoxicated driver fled on foot. She was apprehended by police a short distance away from the accident. The DUI driver is known as Grace Elizabeth Coleman, a resident of Newport Beach. The Newport Beach Police arrested Coleman on charges of murder, DUI, and hit-and-run.

A Closer Look At Drunk Driving

Any Newport Beach car accident lawyer can reveal that DUI-related crashes are becoming some of the most common. It’s estimated that 30 people die each day in the United States due to a drunk driving incident. According to auto accident lawyers Newport Beach, that’s about one death every 50 minutes.

With the support of organizations like MADD, the number of drunk driving incidents has been decreasing over the past decade. However, the current statistics are still very appalling. Any car wreck lawyer Newport Beach can tell you that drunk driving is always a preventable practice.

How Does Drinking Impair Driving?

Talk with any injury attorney Newport Beach, and they can reveal many ways that being intoxicated can hinder good driving abilities. The truth is that a person doesn’t have to be over the BAC limit of .08 to have impaired driving abilities. Rather, a BAC of .02 is enough to slightly impair driving abilities.

Your car crash lawyer Newport Beach can share that about two alcoholic drinks equals a .02 BAC level. At this level, there’s a loss of good judgment, an altered mood, and more body relaxation. When this happens, visual functions are declined, and a person’s ability to multi-task also decreases.

When a driver reaches the point of three alcoholic drinks, their BAC is ranging around .05 percent. At this BAC level, a person shows decreased alertness, impaired judgment, and a loss of small muscle control. Any Newport Beach car accident lawyer can share that this BAC level will result in an impaired ability to respond to an emergency situation on the roadway. In addition, the driver will have decreased coordination, difficulty steering, and an inability to track moving objects.

When a driver reaches that BAC level of .08, they’re officially too intoxicated to drive. The person loses their muscle coordination and reasoning abilities. The driver has an impaired perception, reduced processing ability, greatly decreased concentration, and an inability to judge speed. 

Any car wreck lawyer Newport Beach will tell you that the majority of their DUI cases are the result of someone overestimating their ability to drive while intoxicated.  The high number of DUI-related crashes create a demand for auto accident lawyers Newport Beach, and it’s even scarier that many of these drivers have driven drunk before and managed to make it home safe. Open roads are unpredictable, which is why it’s essential to drive with full alertness.