Whether you are in a little neighborhood, traffic, on a side street, or a parking garage, road accidents can happen anywhere and in a wide range of circumstances. Contact our bus accident lawyers Newport Beach whenever you experience car accidents. Below are some of the deadliest car accidents to occur in U.S. history.

  • Mother’s Day Bus Accident in 1999

May 10th, 1999, on Mother’s Day, forty-six individuals boarded a bus from New Orleans to a Mississippi club resort for a couple of days gambling and having fun with the entertainment the gambling club provided.

The driver informed detectives that a vehicle had cut him off, and he turned to abstain from causing an accident. After the assessment, authorities said they could not support the case of the driver.

Cause of the Accident
Besides being intoxicated with marijuana, he had just been discharged from the emergency clinic only eight hours after being diagnosed with congestive heart failure and failing kidneys.

Shockingly, besides a great deal of finger-pointing, very little was achieved. These included blistering reports by wellbeing organizations and a considerable number of legal disputes.

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  • Yuba High School car accident in 1976

It was during the final show of the year for fifty choir members from Yuba City High School. A Bus conveying the gathering alongside an escort dashed down Interstate 680 when they were going to Miramonte High located in Orinda, California. An alarm light lit up, demonstrating reduced oil pressure.

The driver went out of the freeway to look for a gas station on Highway 4 yet needed to explore the Marina Vista exit, which has a sharp, 180-degree turn.

Typically not an issue. However, when the driver applied the brakes, he moved wildly while the bus fell off the rail landing on its rooftop 25 feet underneath. Out of 29 individuals, 28 students, and one grown-up passed on, a large portion of them was squashed and died rapidly.

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After a broad assessment, it was resolved that the compressor drive belt flopped, accordingly preventing air from reaching the brakes. Detectives likewise said the driver’s carelessness added to the accident as he abused numerous crisis conventions that may have kept the vehicle on the exit ramp.

The driver was accused of involuntary manslaughter; however, he was never sentenced.

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  • Chualar bus accident in 1963

The disaster killed 32 farm laborers in the Salinas Valley, California. The laborers, regularly known as braceros, were Hispanic laborers that collected harvests for ranchers within the valley. A train hit the bus which had 53 laborers.

The bus driver mysteriously halted after reaching the crossing, and afterward went ahead gradually over the track directly into the train’s way. Whenever you experience bus accidents in the U.S., our bus accident lawyers Newport Beach and injury attorney Newport Beach know how to examine these kinds of cases.

Cause of the Crash
Investigators verified that the driver’s view was not blocked by anything or even trees. They concluded that the driver was to blame since he did not see the approaching train.

Following the deadliest accident in U.S. history, numerous progressions were made from the states to the national level. Local authorities set up measures to manage Mexican workers, including their families going over the border to participate in burial services and various crises.

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