One of the biggest touted benefits of rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft is that they can help to reduce the number of drunk driving accidents. It’s a simple concept where you can hit up your application to get a ride home from the bar in the early morning hours. This beats having to find a ride home or walk a distance that is unmanageable.

The Truth About Drunk Driving Accidents
Your injury attorney Newport Beach can reveal that people are injured in a drunk driving accident every two minutes. In fact, two-thirds of the United States population will be involved in a drunk driving accident at some point in their lifetime. Those are some scary statistics and ridesharing companies, such as Uber and Lyft are trying to change them.

Those individuals who refuse to call a rideshare company and take the wheel themselves are being met with jail, probation, and death. When an intoxicated driver gets behind the wheel, they can cause harm to everyone around them. Anytime your blood alcohol level is .08 or greater, you should be calling for a ride. It’s been proven that being over this limit creates a lapse in judgment, slows your responsiveness, and causes other symptoms like blurry vision.

How Are Ridesharing Companies Helping?
Ridesharing accidentattorneys Newport Beach will tell you that their companies are offering an affordable and effective means of transportation for customers who are intoxicated. With an easy to navigate application from any mobile device, intoxicated individuals can easily call for a ride home. By offering saved credit card information and other similar forms of payment, Uber accident lawyers Newport Beach exclaim that it’s easier than ever for those in a drunken state to order up a safe ride home.

Uber and Lyft want to share their success in reducing the drunk driving instances that take place throughout the country. In fact, Lyft accident lawyers Newport Beach shared a study that took place in New York City’s boroughs. Since rideshare companies have set up shop in these locations, they saw a decrease of 20 to 35 percent of drunk driving incidences throughout each borough. That’s a significant decrease in accidents that will have any personal injury attorney Newport Beach citing the importance of utilizing rideshare companies instead of driving drunk.

Some Hesitations Do Exist
While Uber and Lyft accident lawyers Newport Beach will tout the benefits of having these ridesharing services available to reduce the amount of driving that intoxicated individuals do, that’s not always the case. Sometimes individuals simply don’t contact a rideshare company and still make the decision to drive while intoxicated. According to ridesharing accident attorneys Newport Beach, this is done for a couple of reasons.

First, some individuals are so intoxicated that they cannot consciously make the right decision to call for a ride. Rather, they fall into their norm of just driving like usual. Second, some individuals can’t afford the rates that are charged. While Uber accident lawyers Newport Beach do point out the fact that rideshare charges are most likely less than getting hit with a DUI, that doesn’t necessarily solve the problem for many. Rather, Lyft accident lawyers Newport Beach attribute this problem to individuals who live in more remote areas that require a longer drive.

Regardless of where your personal beliefs lie, rideshare companies are trying to minimize the number of drunk driving accidents that occur on the roadway. While there are some hesitations that Uber and Lyft accident lawyers Newport Beach are going to try and overcome in the next few years, there are many good reasons to get a ride with a ridesharing company when intoxicated.