Drunk driving is a serious societal issue with terrible consequences. Thirty people an hour will need to look for an injury attorney Newport Beach because they are injured in a car accident. About a million Americans will be arrested for driving under the influence in any given year. Every single day people are hurt as a result of this activity. In recent decades, municipalities have attempted to find ways to reduce the number of people who are driving under the influence. 

They have found one of the best ways to help people is by working with ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft. While it may be necessary to contact an Uber accident lawyers Newport Beach or Lyft accident lawyers Newport Beach, in general, these are safe forms of transport.

Dangerous Behaviors

Driving under the influence is known as a DUI. Even a single drink can make it hard to concentrate on the road. Over a short period of time, alcohol gets into the person’s system and makes it hard for them to read the road correctly and respond to changing conditions. 

Authorities measure the amount of alcohol in a person’s blood by what is known as BAC or Blood Alcohol Concentration. The more alcohol in a person’s blood, the greater likelihood of a serious problem when behind the wheel. An injury attorney Newport Beach can use the driver’s BAC to argue for compensation when someone is injured in an accident as a result of another person’s bad behavior.

Reducing Risks

Ridesharing is one way to help with this issue. While accidents may need to have ridesharing accident attorneys Newport Beach, in general this is a much less dangerous form of transportation. Lyft accident lawyers Newport Beach and Uber accident lawyers Newport Beach help ensure that the people behind the wheel of a Lyft or Uber are paying close attention to the rules of the road. 

Hiring someone to drive another person home can pay off. This is not always the most effective solution. A person who is inebriated may not realize they are impaired before they hit the road. They may also not have enough money on hand to pay for the ride. At the same time, the use of these services can fill an important gap in public safety.

Decreased Costs

A DUI can be highly expensive. Hiring a ridesharing service is a lot cheaper. A person who has been convicted of a DUI may also face additional penalties that include jail time and the loss of a license. 

A ridesharing accident attorneys Newport Beach can help in the event that someone goes wrong with the service. In the meantime, the service can be there to pick someone up at the location and then help them get inside if they have had too much to drink. These services play a vital role in reducing the risks of driving while intoxicated. They’re almost always available to help reduce the risks for the intoxicated person.