Jubilant fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers took to the streets to celebrate their team securing its first World Series title since 1988. When celebrations got out of hand, however, accidents and injuries followed. If you have been injured during a similar event, you may need to contact a personal injury attorney Newport Beach to help you consider your legal options.

Celebrations turn ugly

After the Dodgers beat the Tampa Bay Rays 4-2 to clinch the title, celebrations in downtown Los Angeles became chaotic. Some fans vandalized property and others were seen looting from area businesses. The Los Angeles Police Department said that eight people were arrested and three officers were injured during the commotion.

Injuries followed

One Dodgers fan was injured and knocked unconscious when she fell off the roof of a car while celebrating. Video footage recorded at the scene showed that the car suddenly moved away, sending her tumbling to the pavement. Fellow fans rushed to check on her. In an Instagram post, the rapper Snoop Dogg called the woman “Dummy of tha week.”

An injury attorney Newport Beach could help someone in this fan’s situation to understand her legal options. If you suffer a physical injury due to the actions of someone else, a bodily injury lawyer Newport Beach can assist with the difficult decisions that may follow. Physical injuries from accidents can prevent people from being able to do their jobs. An accident injury attorney Newport Beach can review whether you may be entitled to compensation.

In another incident following the Dodgers victory, a car whose driver was doing celebratory donuts struck a cyclist. While the cyclist was knocked into the air, he was able to get up and move to the sidewalk, where onlookers helped him. The extent of his injuries was not immediately clear.

What to do

Following an accident involving a vehicle, it is important to secure the contact information of anyone else who was involved. The Dodgers fan who fell off the vehicle was incapacitated, but fortunately the driver of the vehicle stopped. The cyclist struck by a vehicle was not so fortunate: in his case, the driver sped off down the street.

It is also helpful to make contact with any witnesses and to take photographs at the scene. This can help later on to establish what happened. The accounts of the fellow Dodgers fans who rushed to help the injured woman would be helpful to any accident injury attorney Newport Beach representing an injured person. Witnesses are useful because it can be very difficult for injured victims to recall details of stressful experiences.

Your next options

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