According to Newport Beach truck accident attorneys, driving while fatigued causes at least twenty percent of fatal road accidents. Further, at least 1.35 million people die every year because of road accidents including those injured in a truck accident. These numbers are quite alarming and you should not contribute to any deaths because of driving while fatigued. Here are some driving tips to prevent driver fatigue.

Get Enough Sleep Before Driving
Sleeping requirements may vary from an individual to another. However, the recommended sleep is 7 to 9 hours for adults. Get enough sleep before you begin driving. Not having enough sleep may cause you to have an impaired judgment regarding the time you take to respond to any potential hazards, hence, an increase in the potential of being involved in a crash. If you are involved in an accident and you need legal help for a truck accident, make sure to contact truck injury lawyers Newport Beach for assistance.

Avoid Any Medication That May Cause Drowsiness Before Driving
Avoid medication that can make you drowsy before you begin driving. Most medication that causes drowsiness normally has a warning label that indicates that you should avoid driving or operating machinery after consuming the medication.

Recent studies have indicated an increase in road accidents following consumption of over the counter drugs and medication that cause drowsiness when or before driving. Some popular medicines that cause drowsiness include allergy medicines, sleeping pills and cold medicines. You can contact a personal injury attorney Newport Beach if you are involved in an accident when driving not matter what condition you were in.

Eat a Healthy and Balanced Diet
Eating irregularly, skipping meals and not eating a balanced diet can lead to food cravings and fatigue. If you do not have a well-balanced meal and do not rest enough, you may experience an inability to judge carefully which may lead to you being injured in a truck accident. Be sure to have a healthy and balanced diet in order to stay alert and avoid any accidents.

Take a Mid-Drive Nap Before Proceeding
If you did not have enough rest prior to driving, you can pull over at a secure place and take at least a twenty-minute nap. Newport Beach truck accident attorneys have stated that most truck accidents could have been prevented if the driver took a short nap before they continued driving. Do not try to fight fatigue, just take the nap and proceed after feeling better. Take the necessary precautions to avoid accidents because of fatigue. However, if you are unlucky and get injured because of a road accident and need legal help for a truck accident, you can always talk to truck injury lawyers Newport Beach who will help you get all the legal assistance you may need.

Stay Hydrated While Driving
When you are dehydrated, you typically lose about two or three percent of your body fluid. This can make you feel fatigued. When driving, dehydration can further cause headaches, drowsiness and some muscle cramps. It is therefore advisable that you drink enough water to prevent fatigue and drowsiness, which may lead to an accident while you are driving.

These are some tips that will help you prevent fatigue while driving and ultimately prevent any road accidents. However, should you be involved in a road accident and get injuries or cause injuries to a victim, reach out to a personal injury attorney Newport Beach for legal assistance.</span