George Floyd died after an altercation with police on May 25th. His death sparked protests and a search for help from professionals. The altercation with police appeared to show him gasping for breath and ignored by police. His iconic phrase, I can’t breathe has become a rallying cry for people all over the United States. In the aftermath of his death, his family members have rushed to have their say and get assistance from people like wrongful death attorneys. With the help of specialists like personal injury attorneys, his relatives are speaking out.

A Lawsuit
The family has filed a civil rights lawsuit. They’ve hired Benjamin Crump. He’s an example of the kind wrongful death attorney that is needed similar to our wrongful death attorney Newport Beach that can stand up and assist people. The federal lawsuit has been filed against multiple people. Included are the city of Minnesota and individual police officers responsible. Running to forty pages, the lawsuit is part of an effort to stem the tide of what the lawyers for the family have labeled a “pandemic of police brutality,” where a loved one was killed in an accident.

Civil Complaint
This civil complaint by those who are part of the profession of helping those whose loved one was killed in an accident, are about speaking out what people feel is a police force that has not been responsive to the needs of the community. Officer Derek Chauvin is also facing multiple counts of misconduct including second-degree manslaughter and second-degree murder. He is the representative of what the lawsuit believes to be an entire police force that has its collective neck on the backs of those living in this community. They believe that the entire force needs to be held accountable.

Marginalized People
While the lawsuit does not specify a specific amount of money, it’s clear that the people filing it are hoping any money will send a message that the police cannot act with impunity. During the altercation, the police were videotaped with their knees on the man’s neck. This happened to Floyd for a full eight minutes. Officers ignored the fact that the man repeatedly said he could not breathe and begged for help. During this time, he also called out for his mom. Many believe that Floyd was only treated this way because of the color of his skin.

An Unarmed Man
At the time Floyd was not armed. The lawsuit states this is part of a public health crisis that needs to be addressed by all those who hold power. Other officers were also involved in the case against Floyd. They have been arrested and charged with being part of an effort to aid and abet murder. These are serious charges that the lawsuit hopes will stick. The goal of the suit is to bring attention to cases like this one and seek justice.

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