In Hermosa Beach, California, an age-old case of road rage has ended in a multi-vehicle accident. The event reportedly started at a red light. The driver of a black Ford Mustang entered into a verbal confrontation with another driver on the roadway.

Within several seconds, both vehicles ended up colliding into one another on the roadway. This resulted in several vehicles that were parallel parked on the roadway to be damaged. The black Ford Mustang ended up on its roof as a light pole was knocked down by the incident. As of right now, only one person has been transported to the hospital and will likely need an injury attorney Newport Beach. It was stated by an eyewitness that a 9-year-old child was in the Mustang. However, this hasn’t been confirmed by any car crash lawyer Newport Beach.

A Closer Look At Road Rage

Any Newport Beach car accident lawyer can reveal that road rage is a leading cause of accidents in the state of California. It can also be referred to as aggressive driving. Road rage usually involves screaming, violence, and rude gestures between drivers on the roadway, according to any knowledgeable car wreck lawyer Newport Beach.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has their very own definition of road rage, and they define this act as when a driver endangers others by intentionally committing moving traffic offenses. The whole intent of their actions is to cause harm to another driver on the roadway, which will likely cause them to need the help of auto accident lawyers Newport Beach.

According to auto accident lawyers Newport Beach, road rage is fueled by our emotions about how others are driving on the road. We can perceive other people’s actions as intentional when they’re not. This is always important to remember before getting upset. Any car wreck lawyer Newport Beach will tell you that those who have high-stress levels and exhibit other signs of territoriality are more likely to be involved in a road rage incident.

How To Deal With Road Rage

Any injury attorney Newport Beach will reveal that road rage is completely controllable by the driver. While it may feel like your emotions are overrunning your good judgment, you can always put a stop to it. One great suggestion for handling road rage is to be compassionate.

Instead of thinking of the other driver’s actions as being directed against you, think about why they may have committed them. The other driver may be in a hurry to get to the hospital because they just found out a family member is there. Or, maybe they spilled hot coffee on themselves and jerked the wheel as a natural response. When you think about these types of scenarios, it’s easy to understand why the other driver may have committed certain actions with their vehicle.

Any car crash lawyer Newport Beach can tell you that road rage is not something you should undergo. This type of emotion can lead to unhealthy accidents that can injury innocent people. It’s never worth endangering the life of someone else because you’re angry. By causing an accident that results in an injury to one or both parties, you will undoubtedly need a Newport Beach car accident lawyer to help you handle the damages.