The third highest cause of death for people in the United States is medical malpractice. Data collected from a study done by Johns Hopkins University indicates over 245,000 people die annually as a result of medical errors. Other studies suggest these numbers could be significantly higher. It’s possible the actual numbers could be more than 430,000 annually.

Spinal cord injuries (SCIs)
These involve some of the most serious injuries caused by medical malpractice. The National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center (NSCISC) compiles data in this area. According to NSCISC, more than 4.5 percent of all SCIs are caused by medical malpractice. The upsetting thing about this statistic is how many fatal injuries aren’t properly reported by governmental agencies

Deaths and injuries caused by medical malpractice may not be properly reported. This means healthcare providers are not being held responsible for their negligence. This could result in anyone being in the wrong hands when trying to obtain vital medical treatment. If you or a loved one are facing a spinal cord injury caused by medical malpractice, there are things you can do. A spinal cord injury attorney in Newport Beach tells victims how it’s important they know about spinal cord injury recovery.

Actively Engage In Treatments
During the past three decades, treatments for spinal cord injuries have advanced significantly. They were once viewed as a hopeless situation. The advancements in care for spinal cord injuries have progressed. It is now possible to receive care at one of the many rehabilitation centers and hospitals around the country that have the proper equipment and specialize in treating catastrophic injuries. A Newport Beach spinal cord injury attorney knows how to make certain a victim will get the best possible care.

Activity-Based Therapy (ABT)
This therapy has shown promising results. It involves intense physical therapy and has been able to help people regain their motor function and improve their strength following a traumatic injury. It consists of repeated movement of established functional movement patterns when individuals are out of their wheelchair.

Protecting Against Medical Negligence and Errors
A personal injury attorney in Newport Beach recommends if someone experiences a spinal cord injury because of a healthcare provider’s negligence, they must remember it is not their fault. Some things can be done to decrease the odds of being a victim of healthcare provider negligence.

*Always work with physicians who are specialists for a specific condition. Spinal cord injury survivors will get better results if they are in a rehabilitation center or hospital that specializes in these types of conditions.
*Always get a second opinion about the diagnosis. If a person has symptoms and a treating physician doesn’t feel confident they can give an accurate diagnosis, it is essential to seek a second opinion.
*Carefully assess the benefits and risks of every suggested medical procedure.
*Read as many online patient reviews as possible.
*Carefully check all medication dosages.
*Read all of the informed consent forms.
*Report all symptoms to the treating physician.
*Inform all medical providers of medications being taken.
*Record how symptoms change over time in regards to lifestyle changes and medications.
*Be thorough when it comes to asking a physician questions.

If you or a loved one suspects they’ve been a victim of medical malpractice, it is time to contact a spinal cord injury lawyer in Newport Beach. These experienced and knowledgeable attorneys know how much compensation an SCI victim deserves and how they can obtain it.