With the high-rise gas usage in various places within our environment, it is evident that gas explosions have become more common.

Some gas accidents happen due to negligence by other people. If you get injured in a fire you need to seek justice. However, you may not be able to navigate on your own. You will need the help of a fire injury attorney Newport Beach for possible compensation within the shortest time possible.

Get Compensated for Gas Explosion Injuries
Due to the chemical released in the air during a gas explosion, you can get severe injuries that can affect you for a long period. You will need to follow legal procedures and seek justice against the people or entities responsible for your injuries. The highly capable lawyer for burn injuries in Newport Beach has adequate experience to handle gas explosion cases such as:

  • Physical disfigurement and severe burns: There are burns of varying degrees from an explosion caused by overheated gas. They include severe-third-degree burns, which affects the whole body.
  • Physical impairment: If you get injured in a fire, you can suffer physical impairment, such as paralysis. You may not be able to enjoy your normal daily activities in this situation. Some impairment is physical, while others are psychological.
  • Lung trauma: Lung trauma from the explosion can cause various ailments like Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. The diseases are caused by inhaling toxic fumes and pressurized gas.
  • Foreign object injuries: Debris moving at high speed can penetrate your body due to the explosion force. It can cause both external and internal injuries such as shrapnel wounds and eye penetration, which may result in permanent blindness.
  • Hearing loss: The loud noise caused by the gas explosion can damage your ears, causing hearing loss, also known as acoustic trauma.
  • Mental anguish and trauma: Explosions can cause psychological distress, which may affect your brain. Trauma injuries include anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and you could also get injured by foreign objects which penetrate the head. 
  • Impact injuries: During the explosion, your body may lose balance and get tossed by the blast waves. Such incidences can cause bone fractures and traumatic amputation
  • Pain and Suffering: Gas explosion can cause physical pain and suffering due to very painful experiences such as extensive burns.

Causes of Gas Explosions

  • Gas leaks
  • Excessive pressure from the gas
  • Human negligence and errors
  • Faulty gas meters, pipes, and regulators
  • Propane gas grill

Why You Need Professional Help
When you suffer gas injuries, you’ll need burn injury attorneys Newport Beach who have the proven litigation knowledge to make the process easy for you. They have the best resources for in-depth investigations. Our personal injury attorney Newport Beach understands how complex the case can get and will be readily willing to offer you legal services with high-level skills.

Involving a lawyer from burn injury attorneys Newport Beach will help you to establish the cause of the injuries and advise you on the legal procedures and processes. The seasoned fire injury attorney Newport Beach knows what questions to ask and how to get definitive evidence to give proof against the responsible entities.

Cases to be Handled by Your Lawyer
The cases to be handled by your lawyer for burn injuries in Newport Beach include:

  • Building explosions
  • Electrical injuries
  • Car fire
  • Burn injuries

Seek Legal Help
There is no better way to tackle the gas explosion injury case than involving a personal injury attorney Newport Beach. You will need to take the necessary steps as soon as possible so that the attorney gets all the pieces of evidence in place and in time.