If you were in an accident and sustained catastrophic injuries, then you may be entitled to legal compensation for your losses. If you were in such a horrific accident that resulted in your leg being severed, then this can lead to lifelong repercussions. Victims who sustain injuries such as this can become immobile, with the inability to walk, drive, work, perform their daily activities, and so much more. An injury like this can result in serious pain and suffering and can lead to physical, emotional, and mental repercussions.It is important for victims to know that at the Accident Lawyers Firm, we can help them during this difficult time. We work with companies that offer low interest loans to our clients and they work on a lien basis. This means that the doctors that we send our clients to, do not charge any upfront fees until their case is settled so they are able to get the medical treatment they need for their injuries.If you or someone you know was in an accident and sustained serious or catastrophic injuries, seek help from our team at the Accident Lawyers Firm as soon as possible to get you the legal help and medical assistance that you need. Call today at (949)764-3402 or visit our site at www.AccidentLawyersFirm.com.