Liability in School Bus Accidents

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nullThe safety of your children is your top concern. When you send them to school, you expect them to do all in their power to protect and care for them. They should employ well-trained and highly qualified school bus drivers. If this does not happen, your children will be in danger, as the chance of an accident will increase significantly.
Should the worst happen, and your child is injured in a school bus accident, it is important to hold the school system accountable. To do so, you will need the help of school transportation accident lawyers in Newport Beach.

Why Bus Accidents Are So Dangerous

Children are small and highly fragile beings. The impact of a serious accident can have a devastating effect on their tiny bodies. A bus accident can lead to injuries that put the life of your child in jeopardy. They may need to spend days or weeks in the hospital and they may even need to undergo extensive and invasive surgeries and treatments.

Such an ordeal will not only cause your child tremendous pain and suffering, but it will also cause you numerous sleepless nights. The material impact of such injuries will be substantial. You will eventually need to deal with the medical bills. You or the other parent will need to be present in the hospital while your child is being cared for. This means that one of you will need to give up work for a while, which can lead to financial hardship.

Identifying the Liable Party

Overseeing the recovery of your child will be your first priority. However, you will need to speak to a personal injury lawyer in Newport Beach to get the money you need to deal with the financial burdens from the injury. Our team of lawyers has successfully handled a large number of cases like yours, whether it involved elementary, middle or highschool bus drivers.

In the aftermath of such a terrible event, school authorities, the local government, and the parents of the children affected by the accident will want to find the person responsible for it. Even if it is determined that driver error or recklessness led to the accident, there will need to be an inquiry into why such a person was allowed to get behind the wheel of a vehicle in the first place. This often comes down to bureaucratic bungling and mismanagement. Institutions must be held accountable for such mistakes.

Getting the Right Compensation for Your Injured Child

Depending on the severity of the bus accident, you may want to work with other parents or do it alone. If your child was seriously harmed and you need a large sum of money to provide them proper treatment, then you may want to hire an attorney on your own.

Lawyers that handle cases involving injuries from public transportation accidents can help you get the money you need to care for trial—short-term and long-term.

The first thing that your personal injury attorney will do is launch their own investigation into the accident. The findings of the National Traffic Safety Board (NTSB) will be used as a starting point. However, such reports are not always exhaustive. Your attorney will look deeper into how the driver who caused the accident was selected. They will also make inquiries into the larger issue of school bus safety.

Your lawyer will also have medical experts assess the full impact of the injuries sustained by your child. The damage can lead to long-term health and development problems. As they grow older, your child may need special care. All this costs money, and the people whose incompetence, negligence, and recklessness cost your child their health should be made to pay.

If your children have been harmed in a school bus accident, you must act on their behalf. Lawyers have the capacity and insight to take on such negotiations. They will consider the cause of the bus accident, the injuries sustained by your child, and their prospects for recovery before deciding how much money you should demand. This settlement value will be the guiding figure for your attorney during the legal processes.