It’s been an eventful summer here in California, and social distancing has caused many people to seek out summer entertainment outdoors. California has no shortage of bodies of water for swimming, boating, rafting, and other watercraft activities.

However, our jet ski accident lawyers in Newport Beach stress that safety and good judgment must accompany your summer fun when water is around. A day of boating and swimming can quickly turn tragic in the event that safety precautions are not followed and too much alcohol is consumed.

Just inches of moving water can throw someone off their feet and the average human can only hold their breath underwater for around two minutes. These factors make injuries and deaths while boating or swimming an all too common occurrence.

Boating accidents and accidental drownings are especially common when alcohol is involved, and studies show that the majority of these accidents could be prevented with basic safety training.

Just this summer, a Moreno Valley resident named Juan Pineda-Flores was tragically killed after trying to start his weekend at River Shores Estates. This accident occurred on Friday afternoon while Pineda-Flores was still trying to launch his jet ski.

According to a press statement released by the county of San Bernardino, the man was trying to start his personal jet ski while it was still on its trailer’s launch ramp. The jet ski ran on fuel, and the vapors inside the jet ski’s engine ignited, causing an explosion.

Pineda-Flores was caught in his unawares right next to the watercraft, and the explosion launched him into the water with severe injuries. Authorities were called to the scene, and the man was transported to the hospital where he later died of his injuries.

The 48-year-old man was trying to start his jet-ski while it was still on the trailer, which most jet ski owners will warn you against.

When purchasing a watercraft, whether it’s a yacht or something small like a jet ski, it’s important to read the safety instructions and to follow them carefully. If no safety rules are provided by the company or salesperson, you may have an injury claim for an accident injury attorney in Newport Beach.