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How a Newport Beach Motorcycle injury Lawyer Can Recover a Settlement For You

Get the Highest Settlement You Deserve

You are a careful and conscientious motorcycle rider. You are aware of the dangers of riding and take all necessary precautions to avoid them. Although the state of California gives considerable freedom to bike riders, not all motor vehicle operators respect this. Some automobile drivers are careless and inattentive. They drive in a way that puts motorcycle riders in danger.

There are other causes of motorcycle accidents. Whether you have been in an accident caused by a reckless driver or one that results from a malfunctioning part or inadequate traffic signs, you should take legal action.

Why You Need the Best Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Newport Beach

Your first priority after a motorcycle accident is getting your health back. Even as you do so, you should think about the future. You should call a Newport Beach motorcycle accident lawyer even before you report the accident to your insurance company. The insurance company’s main concern is their own profit; your lawyer will be the only one looking after your interests.

Motorcycle accidents can be traumatic. As you try to piece together what happened, you need an intelligent and sympathetic ear. You need a lawyer who will believe in you and will fight for your rights and interests. During the initial interview, your lawyer will sit down with you and ask you to recall the events that led to the accident. The legal strategy that they subsequently form will be based on these statements, so you should try to put forward as much detail as possible.

If your accident was caused by a faulty part, the manufacturer of that part will send a representative to you once they’ve found out about the collision. If the accident was caused by a malfunctioning traffic light or missing traffic sign, the city will send their lawyers. If your accident was caused by a reckless driver, the defendant’s insurance company will try to get in touch with you. All such persons should be referred to your lawyer. It is important to allow your lawyer to handle all communication and correspondence with the party that is liable for your accident. You don’t want to say or do anything that will undermine the case that the lawyer has built on your behalf.

Establishing Liability
One of the first things your lawyer will help you ascertain is who is liable for the accident. If the accident is the result of a faulty traffic light or a missing traffic sign, then you may be able to hold the city to account. If you intend to do so, you will need to file a notice of claim within 6 months of the injury. If the investigation into the accident determines that there was a part or system failure in your motorcycle or in the car of the driver, you will be able to sue the manufacturer under product liability law. If the collision was the result of carelessness on the part of the other driver, then their insurance company should compensate you.

Keep in mind that the other driver’s insurance company may offer you money. Your Newport Beach motorcycle accident lawyer will assess the adequacy of the offer. If it compensates you for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering, your lawyer may urge you to take it. If it does not, then you will need to push for more money. If you are rebuffed by the insurance company, then you will need to sue.

The Consequences of a Serious Motorcycle Accident
A serious motorcycle accident can put you on your back for months. You might have to undergo a series of surgeries and invasive procedures to restore your health. Even when you are ready to go back to work, you may have to reduce your hours. In the worst case, you will sustain permanent injury that causes you to lose your livelihood and make significant adjustments to the way you live, including the taking on of full-time care.

The person who has caused such upheaval in your life should be held accountable. The best motorcycle accident attorney in Newport Beach will help you get justice.

What Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Newport Beach Do
Motorcycle accident attorneys Newport Beach are trained to gather the evidence and employ the law in such a way that helps their clients get fair and adequate compensation. Your lawyer will go beyond the official police report. They will launch an independent investigation into the circumstances surrounding the accident using their own professional investigators. The latter will make inquiries into the sobriety, driving record, and state of mind of the driver. They will also re-interview the people who witnessed the accident. Doing so may lead them to new evidence—the kind of evidence that corroborates your version of events.

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