Damages in a Motorcycle Injury Case

Learn How a Newport Beach Motorcycle Injury Lawyer Can Get You the Maximum Settlement

Compared to car accidents, motorcycle accidents are much more injurious and deadly; in fact, motorcycle riders are nearly 29 times more likely than passengers in cars to die in a roadway collision.

If you were hurt in a motorcycle crash, you may feel lucky that your life was not taken and that your family is not filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the guilty party. However, you may not feel so lucky when you see your medical bill, which often ends up being thousands and thousands of dollars. According to the NHTSA, hospital bills comprise the majority of financial hardship that occurs after a motorcycle accident. Medical treatment for injured motorcycle riders at about $4,500 on average, double the amount for car crash victims. If a head injury is involved, the costs rise up to $17,000.

That’s just the medical bills; injured motorcycle riders often have to take a leave of absence from their jobs while they recover, and they also have to seek mental health counseling to overcome the emotional burden from the crash.

Over 84,000 motorcycle riders are injured in accidents per year, so how are they handling the financial burden? Motorcyclists know that they have the legal help they can count on with the motorcycle crash attorneys in Newport Beach at Accident Lawyers Firm. We provide legal help for motorcycle accidents, and this means we’ll go over your case with you to add up your damages. Then, we’ll argue for compensation of those damages so that you get the settlement you deserve.

We’ll discuss the damages our Newport Beach accident injury lawyers can recover below.

Medical Treatment

As we discussed above, the expenses of your medical treatment can vary depending on the severity of your wreck. The most common motorcycle crash injuries include:

  • Lower extremity injuries: pelvic fractures, hip injuries, knee injuries, and leg injuries
  • Upper extremity injuries: broken arms, and shoulder fractures
  • Head and neck injuries: traumatic brain damage, neck fractures, and skull fractures
  • Soft tissue injuries: pulled muscles, whiplash, torn ligaments
  • Skin damage: road rash and other burns caused by friction or heat

You could have any or all of these injuries. The only way to know is if you’re examined by a medical professional. You should always try to avoid moving after an accident to avoid putting further stress on your body; instead, wait for emergency medical personnel to arrive at the scene. They can administer first aid and get you to a hospital where you can be further evaluated.

Some injuries such as internal bleeding and whiplash may not be noticeable right away. It’s a good idea to schedule an appointment with a general care doctor a few days after your accident to get a second opinion.

Make sure to keep track of all medical bills, from your ambulance ride to any fees from specialist follow-up visits. Your medical bills represent your bodily damages.

Medical bills are only a portion of what a good lawyer for motorcycle accidents in Newport Beach will get you compensation for.

Pain and Suffering 

“Pain and suffering” is not the same as medical costs. While you will need the at-fault driver to compensate for your medical bills, their impact on your life is more than just the damage to your bank account. Mental and emotional suffering caused by your injuries, while not quantifiable in medical bills and receipts, is just as heartbreaking as the broken bones and surgery.

The trauma that results from experiencing such an accident can be just as hurtful and long-lasting as the physical injuries sustained, and you deserve compensation for this. You can’t put a price tag on how much your pain and suffering has cost you, these so-called intangible general damages will greatly vary for each victim.

Rest assured, you can still be compensated. The best bodily injury lawyer in Newport Beach will be able to come to a monetary amount and argue for the other party to pay that amount.

Lost Wages 

If your injuries are so severe that you cannot work, you will be thrust into deeper financial jeopardy. Luckily, Newport Beach personal injury lawyers have a method to handle this situation.

Your motorcycle accident lawyer in Newport Beach can sue for compensation for your lost wages. After showing that your injuries caused you to be unable to work, your attorney can then add up each paycheck you missed because you could not show up for your shift.

In addition to compensation for the past paychecks you did not receive, your attorney can also include loss of future wages in your motorcycle crash settlement amount. The sum of your future lost wages is added up based on your recovery time and whether or not your mobility is affected for the rest of your life.

If your injuries are life-changing, then your personal injury lawyer may be able to add in lost earning potential to your claim.

Mental Anguish 

The importance of mental health is getting more and more attention, and your attorney can use this to your advantage. Sustaining severe injuries in a motorcycle crash is going to be traumatic, so you should also be compensated for your mental anguish. Mental anguish can take the form of PTSD, nightmares, anxiety, depression, or loss of enjoyment of life.

The mental harm caused by the accident will be difficult to quantify. The best thing you can do for your claim is to start seeing a therapist and keeping a journal where you detail how the accident has negatively impacted your state of mind. Your lawyer will be able to use this as proof that the accident has caused you mental anguish.

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