Sudden Stop Motorcycle Accidents

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nullWhen you are riding your motorcycle on the streets of a city or out on a highway, you simply want to enjoy your ride while also staying safe. Unfortunately, if a driver in a nearby car suddenly slams on their brakes in front of you, your pleasant ride can change in a hurry. In the best-case scenario, you may simply have a damaged bike and minor injuries. However, in most of these accidents, the motorcyclist is sent headfirst over their handlebars and onto the pavement, leading to serious and sometimes life-threatening injuries. Should this happen to you, there will be ongoing medical treatment that results in an onslaught of high medical bills that need to be paid. Rather than face this situation with an inexperienced attorney by your side, rely on a personal injury attorney Newport Beach trusts from the Accident Lawyers Firm.

What Causes These Accidents?

When a motorcycle is involved in a sudden stop accident, a variety of factors are usually involved. In many cases, distracted driving is to blame. Whether a motorist is talking or texting on their cell phone, changing the radio station, or simply daydreaming, a sudden stop in the road can be devastating to a motorcyclist, since they will likely land on other vehicles or on the pavement. If you sustained serious injuries in such an accident, speak to an accident attorney that motorcycle enthusiasts rely on for guidance at Accident Lawyers Firm.

What Injuries Result from These Accidents?

When sudden stop motorcycle accidents happen, many types of serious injuries happen to the unlucky rider. The most common include: 

  • skull fractures
  • broken cheekbones
  • herniated discs
  • severe burns from road rash
  • numerous cuts and bruises 

In addition, even though wearing a helmet, a rider can sustain concussions or even traumatic brain injuries. 

Even in the best-case scenario, a motorcyclist will be facing a long and arduous recovery period that will bring with it high medical expenses and lost wages from being unable to work. If you are requiring substantial compensation to help pay these bills, contact a motorcycle bodily injury lawyer at Accident Lawyers Firm.

Who is Liable for a Sudden Stop Motorcycle Accident?

When the question of liability arises in these cases, many factors will be examined to determine exactly what happened prior to and during the accident. In California, if you are struck from behind by another vehicle, it is very rare that you are liable for the accident. Nevertheless, insurance companies and members of a jury will carefully look at such things as who sustained the most damage, angle of impact, and other things that indicate accident responsibility. Since even the slightest of these details may be the key factor in determining whether you win or lose your case, look to an experienced attorney from Accident Lawyers Firm when you are injured in a motorcycle-related accident.

Does Contributory Negligence Apply to These Cases?

In some motorcycle accidents where sudden stops are the primary reason for the crash, it is possible that police and the courts will determine both the motorist and motorcyclist contributed to causing the accident. 

For example, if your bike had defective brake lights when you stopped and were struck by a vehicle, you could be held partially responsible for the accident. Also, in situations where you decided to stop in traffic rather than pull your bike over to a safer spot off the road, it is possible you could be viewed as contributing to your accident. Yet even if this happens, you still need to seek as much compensation as possible for your injuries. When you need legal help for motorcycle crashes, consult with the Accident Lawyers Firm immediately.

How to Avoid Sudden Stop Motorcycle Accident

Since you want the time spent riding your motorcycle to be fun and safe, there are several actions you can take to lessen the chances of being involved in a serious accident with a motorist. For example, always try to give yourself as much space as possible between your motorcycle and nearby motor vehicles, which is usually at least two car lengths. Also, always ride your bike at or below posted speed limits. If you are found to have been driving your motorcycle at a high rate of speed, this could significantly impact the chances you’ll have of winning your case. Should you need legal assistance regarding your accident, work with a personal injury legal professional that can help assess and win compensation for your damages.

Gaining Compensation

Since you will probably be dealing with devastating injuries from your accident, it will be imperative you be able to successfully gain the financial compensation needed to offset medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. Otherwise, you could be facing the loss of your home, ruined credit, and even bankruptcy. Instead of letting it come to this, work with a motorcycle accident attorney Newport Beach knows will fight hard for the rights of accident victims, such as Nazarian Law. By doing so, you can have an attorney on your side who has the experience, knowledge, and track record needed to win your case.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

When a motorcyclist is injured in an accident with another motorist, insurance companies are far too quick to blame the motorcyclist entirely for the crash. When this happens, it can be almost impossible to convince an insurance company to pay out an accident claim, especially if the motorcyclist attempts to handle these negotiations on their own. Rather than make this mistake and lose out on substantial compensation you need to get back on your feet financially, speak to a skilled motorcycle crash injury lawyer from Accident Lawyers Firm. We handle all our personal injury cases with skill, diligence, and determination to make the insurance company do the right thing from the outset.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle-related crash, don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to gaining compensation for another driver’s carelessness. Instead, seek legal help for victims of motorcycle crashes by scheduling a consultation today with experienced and knowledgeable attorneys at Accident Lawyers Firm.