Get Help From a Newport Beach Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Were you recently injured in a motorcycle accident? There are many road hazards that could have contributed to the cause of your accident. Understanding these causes is essential to avoiding them in the future. Here is a list of some of the most common causes of motorcycle road hazards.

One of the biggest causes of motorcycle accidents is rough roads. Whether the road you are riding on is unpaved, recently under construction, or simply in bad repair, it’s best to exercise a special level of caution and care.

Gravel on the pavement is one of the worst causes of accidents for motorcycle riders. This is particularly the case when you are turning corners. Since gravel on roads is extremely common, it’s a good idea for you to slow down and make turns more carefully when you encounter it.

Edge breaks are found when you cross traffic lanes and discover that they are set at different levels of height. This isn’t a problem when you are in a car. However, if you are traveling on your bike at a high speed, the sudden transition could prove extremely hazardous.

Animals are another common hazard for motorcycle riders. If you are traveling down a road where animal crossings are common, it’s a good idea to maintain a slow and safe speed.

Slick surfaces can be tough to avoid on a motorcycle. If the road under you is slippery, slow down and ride carefully.
What Should You Do if You Are Injured in a Motorcycle Accident?
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