Famous vlogger David Dobrik was already in hot water for various sexual assault and harassment allegations against him and his cohorts, called the Vlog Squad. In the past month, his reputation has gotten even more soiled after another member of the Vlog Squad came out with information and footage that Dobrik almost killed him while mishandling an industrial excavator. Jeff Wittek is known for doing dangerous stunts like motorcycle tricks and skydiving, but unfortunately, he sustained permanent injuries when Dobrik swung him around from an excavator.

Dobrik swung him around from a rope tied to the excavator at an estimated speed of up to 70 miles per hour, but the excavator slammed to a stop, causing Wittek to collide with the sharp metal machinery and fall into the water below. Wittek almost died and sustained serious injuries that will likely affect him for the rest of his life. He refers to his injuries as “breaking his face” because the impact of hitting the excavator gave him a cracked skull, brain damage, and permanent vision loss in one eye.

The video addressing this situation was posted by Wittek to his Youtube channel on April 21 even though it was already public information that he had been in an accident of some kind. The accident took place in the summer of 2020 but was kept quiet until now. In the video footage of the accident, viewers can see that Dobrik was operating the excavator with one hand while filming with the other.

While Dobrik did not intentionally hurt Wittek, he was operating the vehicle that hurt him. Dobrik insists that he did not slam on the brakes and that the excavator stopped on its own, which is a safety feature of construction equipment when it senses that it’s going too fast. 

Regardless, Dobrik was being negligent by using one hand and being distracted by filming with the other. He also allegedly did not have a license to operate the machine, and if he did, he would have known about the safety feature. Construction site injury attorneys in Newport Beach can tell you that construction equipment is very dangerous and should never be played with as a toy.

Additionally, the footage shows that Dobrik was informed of the danger he was putting the Vlog Squad in when Corinna Kopf, another Vlog Squad member, got scared while hanging from the machine. After she was put down, she can be heard saying “You take things too far, David.” 

Wittek has stated that he won’t sue Dobrik at this time, but he had a clear case for negligence if he wants to contact a bodily injury lawyer in Newport Beach. The attorneys of Accident Lawyers Firm have compiled a list of damages that Wittek can claim. 

Dobrik could be charged for the medical bills for Wittek’s bodily injuries and any emotional trauma he may have. Wittek also worked as a hairdresser, a job he can no longer perform because of his vision loss; therefore, a personal injury attorney can quantify his loss of future wages.

The statute of limitations has not yet expired for Wittek to file a personal injury claim against Dobrik, and if he does, he will likely receive a payout of several million dollars.