Types and Degrees of Burn Injuries

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nullIf you were recently the victim of a personal injury situation that resulted in you incurring burns, you may be deserving of compensation for your injuries. To help you decide how to proceed, you would be well-served to find yourself a reputable burn injury lawyer in Newport Beach.

As Newport Beach burn injury attorneys, it would be our job to represent you and present the circumstances of your injuries to all concerned parties. Before we would want to move forward, we believe it’s important for you to understand how burns are categorized. Why? There could be some correlation between the award you could be given and the kind of burns you sustained.

In the sections below, we are going to address two aspects of burns: Causes and degrees. Hopefully, this information will help you understand what you might be experiencing and why you need compensation, compensation that a personal injury lawyer in Newport Beach might be able to secure on your behalf.

Causes of Burns

Surprisingly, a lot of people are unaware of the many ways individuals can incur burns, especially in the workplace. Here are six of the most common causes of burns:

  • Chemical Burns – occurs when the skin comes in contact with acids, strong detergents or any other type of solvent with a strong chemical base.
  • Friction Burns – occurs when hard objects rub against the skin hard enough or fast enough to burn. Examples would include scraping on concrete after falling off a bicycle or a carpet burn.
  • Cold Burns – Occurs when an individual’s skin is exposed to cold air or a cold surface for an extended period of time. Frostbite would be an example.
  • Radiation Burns – occurs when the skin is over-exposed to ultra-violet light. Causes could include x-rays and sun exposure.
  • Thermal Burns – occurs when the skin comes in contact with very hot metals, scalding liquids, steam and flames.
  • Electrical Burns – occurs when the skin comes in contact with high voltage electrical current. A police taser or open wire could cause such burns.

As a burn injury attorney in Newport Beach, we have had a lot of experience dealing with clients who have come to us with burns from one of these categories. It becomes a personal injury case if we suspect the burn occurred through no fault of our clients, but instead through the actions of others up to and including negligence.

Degrees of Burns

Surely, you have read about or seen people discussing burns and the treatment of said burns. They will use terms like first or second-burns to describe the severity of the victim’s condition. What you may not know is how the medical profession classifies burns, which helps them determine the proper course of treatment.

In our position as Newport Beach burn injury attorneys, we need to understand that with which our clients are dealing. Likewise, we feel it’s equally important that our clients understand the severity of their injuries.

There are in fact four levels of burns, the higher the number, the more severe burns. Here’s the list from least severe to most severe:

  • First-degree – Generally referred to as a surface burn. It only affects the outer layer of skin with no blistering. Very easy to treat.
  • Second-degree – Causes damage to the top layer and second layer (dermis) of skin. Will likely include blistering and much pain with the potential of scarring.
  • Third-degree – Sometimes referred to as a “full thickness burn.” At this level, both layers of skin are totally destroyed, leaving permanent damage. Since nerves are also damaged, it’s surprisingly not painful.
  • Fourth-degree – These types of burns will destroy both layers of skin and nerves, as well as muscle and bones. The damage could permanent and life-threatening.

It’s worth noting that some burns can graduate in severity. A second-degree burn could eventually turn into a third-degree burn if left to fester over a period of time. That’s why it’s important for a burn victim to get treatment as quickly as possible. It’s something we, as a personal injury lawyer in Newport Beach, would highly recommend to all our prospective clients.

If you were injured through no fault of your own, your first task is to get treatment. After getting your diagnosis and treatment, your should consult with a burn injury lawyer in Newport Beach, who should be able to help you determine whether or not you are eligible for some type of compensation for your injuries. If so, you would want to enlist the services of said burn injury attorney in Newport Beach to help you file your lawsuit against the appropriate defendants. We can provide with the kind of service you need.