Open Door Motorcycle Crashes

4 Reasons Why You Should Call a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

open door motorcycle crashAccording to some of the latest statistics, there are 10 common causes of motorcycle accidents. On top of this list, you will find unsafe lane changes, car doors, and speeding. Unfortunately, one of the most unnecessary and devastating involves car doors. With car doors on the list as the second highest, it is normally a huge problem that needs to be addressed, especially since they may lead to serious injuries and fatalities that adversely affect the motorcycle driver.

While the situation and circumstances of each of these cases can vary greatly, the need for legal representation for the appropriate legal remedy is essential. With this being said, here are 4 reasons why you should contact a motorcycle injury lawyer if you are the victim in an open door motorcycle accident claim.

1. Loss of Wages, Medical Bills, Pain, and Suffering
If you are involved in an open door motorcycle, there is a huge chance that you may sustain a serious injury. Though the recovery time can differ from one open door case to another, they may result in loss of wages, expensive medical bills and pain, and suffering. Therefore, you may need to file a claim for compensation regarding your damages.

By starting early, finding the legal aid you need for the motorcycle crash that you have been involved in, you can seek compensation for your lost wages, the medical bills, and any pain and suffering that was caused at that time. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why you should contact a motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible.

With the help of a motorcycle injury lawyer, you will have a chance to obtain advice on what needs to be done. These lawyers are equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed to fight your case in court and win.

2. Owner of the Vehicle Caused the Accident Due to Failure to Look
As mentioned above, each open door motorcycle accident can be different. Since the details of these hazards are not the same, the fault in these cases can vary as well. Therefore, if the owner of the vehicle caused the accident by not looking out for what could be coming down the street at that particular time, they are often at fault by failing to look. Failing to look is a reason for the court to decide in your favor. This is also one of the primary reasons why you should contact a motorcycle injury lawyer to handle your case. When an injury lawyer takes on your case, they can seek to win based on this law so that you can obtain the appropriate compensation for the injuries sustained and any damage that was also done to your motorcycle.

3. Car Illegally Parked
Unfortunately, some open door motorcycle accidents are caused by drivers who have parked illegally in places that they should have avoided altogether. In some of these situations, the circumstances normally occur quickly due to the negligence of the vehicle driver that was already not abiding by the law. For instance, some of these drivers are usually trying to dash in and out of active traffic without checking for other ongoing vehicles like motorcycles before opening their car doors. When this happens, you can also be seriously injured by the owner of a vehicle that was illegally parked. Parking illegally and causing a motorcycle accident is also another good reason for hiring a personal injury practice to handle your case.

A personal injury attorney Newport Beach should be contacted by anyone who has been injured in a motorcycle crash that was caused by a driver that parked illegally. The injured in a motorcycle crash should make sure that they have documented all of the associated details so that the attorney can use this information to win this type of case in court.

4. Injuries Sustained Can be Very Serious – Legal Help Required for Medical Bills
Because open door motorcycles accidents are covered in the law, the responsibility of these accidents may be due to the negligence of another vehicle driver. For instance, based on the law in some states, no person shall open the door of their vehicles on the side that interferes with the active flow of the street and highway traffic. If the door is open, it cannot be done without practicing safe measures. It is also against the law to leave the door open, especially when the traffic is still moving. Hence, if these actions cause an open door motorcycle accident, the driver of the vehicle is responsible for any damages and injuries caused by their negligence.

Based on the aforementioned, you should make sure that you contact a lawyer who is well versed in this law in order to obtain the proper legal remedy needed to address any issues that occurred. For instance, if you are seriously injured in this type of incident, you can pursue a legal remedy against the driver of the vehicle that caused this type of accident. By hiring a lawyer to fight in this case, you can secure the financial resources that will be needed to pay your medical bills.


Open door motorcycle accidents are on the list as the 2nd most common motorcycle accident in recent publications today. Many of these accidents are caused by a variety of reasons, including a vehicle driver’s failure to look before stepping out of their vehicle on a busy street or highway. In these cases, the responsibility of the accident is not due to the motorcycle operator. Therefore, it is important that motorcycle operators know their own rights in these situations.

One of the most essential steps is contacting a legal professional for motorcycle accidents so that you can obtain the appropriate legal remedy. By hiring the right lawyers, the motorcycle operator can pursue a legal remedy that will not only pay for medical expenses but also any other damages that were to their motorcycles.