How a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Pasadena Can Reach a Settlement for You

We Will Obtain the Highest Settlement You Deserve

Have you been taking advantage of the sunny weather to hit the open roads lately? Whether you are a new or experienced motorcyclist, there are risks associated when it comes to riding alongside reckless drivers. Although California gives considerable freedom to riders, not all motor vehicle operators respect this. If you sustained injuries from a truck accident, auto accident, road hazard or bike defect take legal action immediately.

Why You Need the Best Motorcycle Accident Attorney

When hiring an attorney for personal injuries in Pasadena to help with your accident injury claim, you should consider their:

  • Years of Experience
  • Skills
  • Client Reviews
  • Perseverance

As you prioritize getting your health back, you want legal counsel on your side to advocate on your behalf against insurance companies. The best time to retain a motorcycle injury lawyer is when you are physically able after emergency care. Keep in mind that the insurance company’s main concern is their profit, not your best interests.

Motorcycle crashes can be traumatic but are unfortunately a common occurrence. As you try to piece together what happened, you need a sympathetic ear. You specifically need a lawyer in Pasadena who will believe in you and will fight for your rights and interests. During the initial interview, your lawyer will sit down with you and ask you to recall details of the collision. The legal strategy that they subsequently follow will be based on these statements, so you should try to provide as much information as possible.

The Consequences of a Serious Motorcycle Accident

After a serious motorcycle accident, you might have to undergo a series of surgeries and invasive procedures to restore your health. In the worst case, you will sustain a permanent injury that drastically impacts the quality of your livelihood, including taking on full-time care.

One of the first things your lawyer will help you ascertain is who is liable for the accident. If the accident is because of a faulty traffic light or a missing traffic sign, you can hold the city accountable. Though, if the collision resulted from carelessness on the part of the other driver, then their insurance company should compensate you for all expenses and pain and suffering.

What Personal Injury Attorneys in Pasadena Do

Motorcycle accident attorneys are trained to gather the evidence and employ the law in such a way that helps their clients get fair and adequate compensation. Your lawyer will go beyond the official police report. They will launch an independent investigation into the circumstances surrounding the accident using their professional investigators. Followed by negotiations with the insurance company on your behalf. Taking on this legal case alone means you have less time to focus on healing. Employing an experienced motorcycle crash lawyer in Pasadena is a critical step that gives you time to heal and get back to riding on the open road.