How Bike Injury Law Firm Can Get You Compensated

Our Cyclist Accident Attorney in Pasadena Will Determine Liability

Pasadena is the perfect destination if you enjoy biking in warm, sunny weather downtown. In fact, more and more Californians are commuting by bicycle or simply partaking in this activity for their own pleasure. Although Pasadena is a popular community for cyclists to venture to, the California Highway Patrol has reported a rise in accidents within Orange County.

If you have taken part in this growing trend, then you have undoubtedly realized the need to be alert and attentive when on the road. Unfortunately, this is not always enough. People who drive recklessly present a constant threat to cyclists. If you have been injured in a bicycle accident that was caused by negligence or recklessness, then you should explore your legal options with our team at Accident Lawyers Firm.

California law enforcement has made bicycle safety a priority. With more than 700 people dying annually in bicycle accidents, and more than 50,000 people suffering serious injuries (The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), there are a few changes that should be made. They have tried to increase public knowledge of the laws and regulations concerning bicycles and motor vehicle operations. Despite this effort, California continues to lead the nation in bicycle accidents.

The Physical and Financial Impact of a Bicycle Accident

A bicycle offers you little physical protection against the force of a vehicle or the pavement. If you collide with either one, it can lead to personal injuries such as:

  • Severe cuts and lacerations
  • Abdominal injuries
  • Face and eye injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Joint dislocations

The more severe an auto accident is, the longer you may need to stay in the hospital to undergo a range of invasive surgeries to save your life. Such an accident can affect your quality of life, family, and career. Your bike injury attorney in Pasadena will argue for compensation for all medical expenses including medical bills, diagnostic tests, and medical reports. Expert testimony from medical professionals will be used to prove these damages.

How a Bicycle Crash Attorney in Pasadena Can Help You Get Justice

As you recover from your accident, you should consult with a bicycle injury law firm. A cyclist accident lawyer in Pasadena from Accident Lawyers Firm has the insight, expertise, and experience to get you the right compensation for your injuries.

The first thing your attorney will do is launch their own investigation into the events and circumstances that led to the accident. They will interview witnesses, gather any photographic evidence, and make inquiries into the state of mind of the defendant. Keep in mind, these types of cases do not always go to trial. Your injury lawyer may be able to negotiate with the party responsible and compel them to offer you a larger settlement.

If you were recently involved in a bike accident, don’t wait to contact an accident injury attorney. We will help you protect your rights and interests.