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Uber and Lyft partner with thousands of communities, like Pasadena, to provide quality transportation services every day. While ridesharing has surpassed popularity compared to hailing a cab or taking the bus over the years, so have the number of accidents. Whether these are circumstances involving an auto accident or unexpected pedestrian collision, the consequences can be severe. If you have fallen victim to an accident while in the passenger seat, you should retain a ridesharing accident lawyer in Pasadena to learn more about your legal options. Pursuing compensation for rideshare accidents is extremely complex. Though Accident Lawyers Firm specializes in these types of matters and we would love to help you heal whether you are a driver or passenger.

Types of Ridesharing Accidents 

In Pasadena Uber and Lyft have nearly replaced all taxi services. No matter how popular ride-hailing companies are, several different types of occurrences can happen while you travel to your next destination:

  • An unexpected collision between a pedestrian and an Uber/Lyft driver
  • A car, truck, bicycle, or motorcycle crash between an Uber or Lyft driver
  • Uber or Lyft passenger struck by another motor vehicle
  • Uber or Lyft passenger injured in a single-vehicle accident due to a negligent driver

Whatever scenario may take place, each accident can be extraordinarily difficult. Some of the complications can be dealing with more than one insurance company, conflicting accounts of the event, police reports, and much more that can impact your legal outcome.

Insurance Settlements

In many of these accidents, insurance companies will come along and try to convince injured victims to accept the first settlement. While this may sound like a reasonable, quick response, the insurance company is not trying to help. Instead, the insurance adjusters are only trying to limit their liability in the case. It is far better to hire an attorney to negotiate a settlement on your behalf for:

  • Mental anguish
  • Emotional distress
  • Impact on earning capacity
  • Medical coverage

Let Us Recover Damages and Maximum Compensation

The amount you receive in a personal injury claim is determined by how much you have endured and suffered. You and your attorney will sit down and create a list of the total amount of consequences that occurred in response to the accident. These are called damages, and they can range from easily quantifiable financial damages to other damages like mental anguish.

To make certain you are being compensated fairly, your injury lawyers in Pasadena will speak to your doctors and bring in independent medical experts to review your case. Once they have facts and data from both, they will establish the amount you should receive for long-term treatment.

At Accident Lawyers Firm, we are here for you during this troublesome time. We are well-prepared, informed, and have the necessary evidence to build a strong case against one or several different parties at fault.