Wrongful Death Lawyer in Pasadena

File a Claim With a Wrongful Death Law Firm in Pasadena

Losing a loved one can be a devastating and difficult time for you and your family. As you get through this extremely difficult time, you should seek legal assistance from a wrongful death lawyer if your loved one’s death was caused due to the negligence, intentional actions of another person, or failure to act.

Wrongful death cases are civil actions, which allow plaintiffs to seek monetary compensation for damages. However, before filing, you should have a firm understanding of the differences between natural death, sudden death and how both can play a role in your chances of winning. The latter likely involves circumstances that could have been prevented. If you are convinced that the negligence or recklessness of another person led directly to the death of your loved one, you can and should sue them.

These cases are distinguished from criminal cases primarily by the fact that a defendant does not face jail time if he or she is found guilty. The outcome is purely monetary, and if you believe the perpetrator should receive a stronger sentence, you should consider filing a criminal claim.

Leading Causes of Wrongful Death

Wrongful death cases in California are controlled by section 377.60 of the Code of Civil Procedure. As per our Pasadena wrongful death attorneys, nearly all fatal cases in and around Orange County are brought under the law of negligence. Here are some of the leading causes of wrongful death claims and litigation:

  • Motorcycle, truck, and car accidents
  • Bicycle, and pedestrian accidents

Fatal injuries from dangerous conditions on the property that is owned or occupied by others.

Drivers that exhibit negligence by driving while distracted or under the influence contribute to cases of wrongful death due to traffic collisions. Due to the sheer force of a crash, injuries can be so severe that they cause the victim to die immediately before arriving at the hospital.

Hold Negligent Parties Accountable

If a loved one has passed away in what could have been a preventable accident, you can file a claim with the help of a wrongful death lawyer in the Pasadena area. Families may also be able to obtain more compensation if they can prove their loved one suffered for a period leading up to their passing.

A wrongful death claim is slightly different than other lawsuits that normally just require assistance from an injury attorney in Pasadena. Because wrongful suits require families to appoint a “trustee” to pursue legal action on behalf of dependents and beneficiaries it can become a complex process. When you retain our legal services at Accident Lawyers firm, we will tirelessly plan a strong foundation for your case after investigating the cause of your loved one’s death. We understand no amount can make up for your loss, but we will fight to recover for all damages.